View Full Version : Very strange error messages (and weirder circumstances):

12th Apr 2003, 02:35
I'm working on what I'm afraid is going to be a very high-poly scene (take a quick look at 0:37 of B09.AVI [T:TDP & TG:TDP] to get a bit of an idea), and I got some errors tonight I've neither seen nor heard of.

First, in portalization, I got ERROR: PortalClipPolygonByPlane: Tried to clip polygon that didn't straddle the plane.

(Yes to trap, No to exit, Cancel to ignore)

After clicking No to exit, I restarted, loaded (having just saved my mission prior to portalization, as is my custom), went ahead and bullheadedly portalized 'cause I was mad at DromEd, and I didn't get the error. In fact, everything went fine, both in-editor and in-game.

I haven't seen the error since.

Then, just moments ago, I started zipping around in DromEd to take a look at part of my bridge. Then, in-editor, I got the following editor, which was not, for some reason, accompanied by any of the black clipping that usually accompanies in-editor non-portalization errors:

ERROR: Too many polygons in queue.

(Yes to trap, No to exit, Cancel to ignore).

I reloaded DromEd, saved the original .MIS file to a new file and optimized. Everything went well and after saving, I started moving in DromEd again. When I got to the same place, looking at the same area of the bridge, I got the same error. Then I reloaded and went in-game, and I can't get the error at all (there's not even any clipping in that area!).

What's up with DromEd? :confused:

12th Apr 2003, 04:32
first off, always hit cancel! then if it crashes so what, if it doesnt crash then it should be an easy fix.

ive encountered literally hundreds of errors in the last two years. never really found a fix for them. sometimes, it just a simple bad room brush. at other times its most likely a solid brush. if worst comes to worst, delete each solid brush in the area one at a time until you find the bad one.

ive had errors like "too many pathable cells" and too many "cell to cell links" that after optimizing just went away. i think its dromed being a *****. if its simply too many polys for dromed to handle(which ive also encountered) you may have to redo the scene slightly to fix it. try to carve as much as possible, its certainly awkward but helps on the polys. im planning on carving my fms as much as possible from now on. hells motel 2 was a ***** to build and keep the polys low(its also a tgold mission)

if you cant get it to work ok post again and we'll try more to fix it.

17th Apr 2003, 11:40
I always hit 'no' for a nice clean exit which will not do any more damage.