View Full Version : Slut Rape: An objective analysis

11th Apr 2003, 23:49
Heres a picture of the infamous slut rape strategy that many newbie Egyptian players employ to win the game in under 3 minuteS:


Essentially once your Egyptian enemy has greater than two cities taken, and are whipping out slaves like no tomorrow the game is already over. You see some archers in the top corner, because they rush with everything, including the two legions of Guardsmen. The worst part is, you cant counter-rush because you know more slaves are on the way.

I know, its not objective but I wanted you new players to see it.

11th Apr 2003, 23:56
Prefect, I see you did it against CPU...
I don`t think it works with human opponents tough...
the CPU builds extremely slow compared to agood human player.

If you wish to run tests against human opponent I will gladly take the part of being rushed:)

12th Apr 2003, 00:03
do you have aim?

12th Apr 2003, 00:05
Nope I have ICQ only.

But perhaps we can arrange a gaming meeting :)

12th Apr 2003, 00:06
i only have the demo at this pc. pm me with your ip and well play

12th Apr 2003, 00:21

I've seen it work many a times, both with my own eyes and through stories of others. It is used by a clan who have Slut, surprisingly, in front of their names, like

Granted the faster you expand and the better you work with your teamates, it can be stopped,
But should there be two of them using this tactic, or 1 with allies who are also decent players who supplement the rush, it makes your own job harder.

12th Apr 2003, 00:34
Athos, it was tested and the barbs repelled this easily.
it was 1 on 1 tough...
And with a decent teammate you can stop the 2 guys who are using it.

12th Apr 2003, 01:07
it was really laggy man.