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11th Apr 2003, 17:10
Let me start off by saying this was done on Easy, but it might also work on the other settings.

Unlike the other posters, I took the left side village first. But only after a lot of prep work (and lots and lots of frustrating attempts, including many where I tried to duplicate what other posters suggested).

This ended up being the key for me - BUILD UP YOUR LEADERS!!! - from the very start. As soon as the game starts, upgrade your legions. I kept the two centurions with them for awhile because that was the quickest way to give them experience.

I then cleared out the local area and slowly moved along the bottom portion of the map, collecting Dominittio or whatever his name is and all the allies within reach. I then gathered up the extra Roman forces and swept back to the left, clearing out as many enemy troops as I could.

Here is another key - preserve your forces - as much as possible. That might seem like a no-brainer, but it is easy to have them whittled away. I discovered that it did not take long, once I had sufficiently trained leaders - to make both the legions (I grouped them with the German infantry) and the mounted legions (again, with the German cavalry (I kept the mounted archers in a seperate group)) fairly invulnerable in short fights with isolated enemy units no matter of what type (for instance, I could quickly overwhelm and destroy individual spearman units with my cavalry).

And another key - preserve your physicians and scouts. The loss, especially of the scouts, hurt me in many of my early attempts. Keep them back from the action and then rush the physicians forward to heal after a battle.

So, I finally worked back to the left, taking the isolated tower. It is at that point that many people have suggested setting up a defensive position on the hills just to the northeast of that tower, but I tried something else. I swept up into the woods to the northwest of that tower, cleared it out, and then moved my entire force up to just below the slope to the left of those woods.

Here is what I did. I sent Dominittio into the woods to the left of the slope and took control of the allied infantry there. I then had them Hold and face the bridge. I then sent my entire force up the slope (start the infantry first, then the archers, then the mounted forces). I was able to fight off every attack, though I lost all the recently converted troops in the woods (though not Dominittio). Then it was a fairly easy attack into the camp to the left (the right side village).

You can not recruit much there, so heal your troops and move them back over the bridge and towards the center village. Again, I took it with little effort.

From there I think the endgame may vary. I was prepared to send Dominittio into the neutral camp, but after capturing the center village Victory was declared.

Even I, after more than a week of frustration and futility, was able to beat that scenario. And I did it my own way. It feels great! Now I can go to Hawaii in peace... ;-)

16th Apr 2003, 09:49
i dont know why so many ppl have so many probs with this mission.:( ive beaten it with 1 try.

16th Apr 2003, 10:11
Some people are just Natural Stratiegists.

16th Apr 2003, 10:49
I still have not been able to beat it after 2 weeks. It seems an imposible mission. The enemy throws hundreds and hundreds of units at you. I have tried many different strategies-all to no avail. The simple problem is their is to many off them. Obviously the mission is not impossible. But it seems to hae an extreme diffulculty.

16th Apr 2003, 11:31
I think some maps a way of attack just "pops" out at you, that can make it very easy. In games like WC3, I have been stumped on levels halfway through the campaign, and once I have got help on them have ran through the rest of the campaign.

Mark OHearn
16th Apr 2003, 12:11
So glad to hear that you finally won this mission !

It was certainly a more challenging one. There have been several missions now that I had to play on Easy (most have been played on Normal).

Although I still find Prima's Strategy Book very helpful, I have noticed that there are better ways to win.

For instance, often you need to repair broken bridges, instead of doing so and attacking the enemy on the otherside, I now build a tower or two, and more importantly, some seige weapons and lure my enemies towards the bridge. You need scouts and a way to start the battle - usually seige with hawk can do this. Since the bridge is not built there is no melee combat, and usually they cannot engage in range attack (or at least not effectively).

In fact, I find building defensive towers and seige weapons the easiest way to win a mission. Yes, scouting is critical, but the scenario doesn't seem to be expecting a fortified attack.

I love the aux. archers, but as I am sure you know, they are totally unable to engage in melee combat; therefore always, always put them in towers or high places protected by other troops.

You mentioned that you are going to Hawaii - a vacation I assume. Lucky sun-tanned dog :)

16th Apr 2003, 18:23
try baiting there troops.
what i mean is set up your troops in an ambush and use a small troops to get a few enemies to follow you in to the trap. it might take time but eventually you will defeat them.

17th Apr 2003, 03:37
it seems i am the only one who stuck in this mission. well i skipped it by changin some stuff in some file, but the other was hard too.

17th Apr 2003, 04:39
I to am still stuck. What is the minimum amount of troops, u can have to finnish this mission. I only have 493-a am trying to defeat the middle villiage-but the enemy has billions of troops.

19th Apr 2003, 21:39
Caius Crastinus should contact the reinforcements. They are under your control then. Place everyone in one group. Dont run towards the enemy but walk. Run when the horses are in batlle with the enemy and dont come to close to enemy villages. thats how i finished it. and ofcourse take control of the village at the top right of the level. get loads of ppl and then go attack via the upper mountain at the top of the level. hope it will work and i hope you understand what i said:D

21st Apr 2003, 16:52
Hi all,

i was getting frustrated with these damned Gauls in mission 18. I looked up for this forum to find tips...then i decided not to look

I will find a way myself. Now i know, why Caesar was bald...damned Gauls...(vive la France)

This way the game will last longer...especially playing on difficult setting all the way...

K. from France

PS: for the expansion pack ;) please make us a real story line, that is just what is missing for me to say bye bye to the warcraft series...or maybe after warcraft4...

29th Apr 2003, 14:45
I am stuck here too at Normal level. I supposed Easy is just easy then. The moment I take the top right village, I will get swarmed over by a ridiculous amount of enemy units. My units simply waste away too fast to keep them out of the base. Those damned warriors keep getting lured outside and died full of holes despite me setting them on defensive mode.

I find it hard to handle a battle on 3 fronts.

6th May 2003, 15:17
i need to get past this mission so i can continue having fun with what was, until this mission, a wonderful game.

have spent as much time on this mission as on the last six -- and am no longer having fun --- so frustrating that i can not play the game because it will not let me move on past this....i just want to play the game....

how can i leap over this and go on to playing mission 19 etc.

i tried the trainer, but the trainer keeps dumping me out of the game and back to the desktop. am i doing something wrong?

is there another, simpler in-game cheat to leap over levels?

I saw a notation about changing a user file, but i could not find that file anywhere....or instructions about where exactly to make the change.

I loved this game until last week -- when i got stuck on mission 18; played it over and over again, tried many, many strategies, even tried the ones others recommended and just can not get through it. Many other scenarios were challenging, but this one is just too frustrating and is no longer fun...i am no longer enjoying the game.

(I did not use the cheats to win any of those levels)

I want to keep playing praetorians, so i need to find a way to leap over this mission onto the next one

I do not normally use or like cheats, but there are just some times that you have to use one to end the pain and get on with having fun....this is one of those times.....

7th May 2003, 14:08
i completed this one on normal level. It Took me two days to kick their sorry ass but i finally did it.

The mission after that named "The Home coming" was fairly easy when you know how to use and position your troops.

Now im starting the next named "war of attrition" or something like that... lets see how it goes.


7th May 2003, 21:32
am i very very very very good, or are you guys all very very very very bad?!? cost me one time to beat on easy, two times on normal because i took the wrong route. maybe i should make some kind of walktrough for this mission.:D

8th May 2003, 12:33
there is a good walkthrough in the prima strategy guide....and i tried it, but you have to be very, very, very...did i mention very...precise in your movements, one wrong turn or one unit going off amuck and WHAM the computer unleashes the dogs of war...or at least the Gauls and Germans....

It is not that it is very, very hard that i mind...it was that i could not go forward with the game unless i beat it that bothered me. That, thankfully, has been taken care of by the ability to modify the profile and just log it in as "done" so i can open up the rest of the scenarios...and some mighty wonderful ones there are ahead!

Perpetuating A Penalty System

"Complete the mission before you can go to the next one" is a dictatorial and artificial limitation that has ruined many games in many genres for many people of many ages.

Whether it is the seemingly unbeatable boss in a shooter, the apparently unsolvable puzzle in a role-playing game or the presumably hopeless situation in a strategy game, preventing players from going beyond that roadblock unfairly penalizes the gamer and leaves him stuck in a one-way corridor from which there is no exit.

It has been the death of many games -- games that have been tossed to the back of a shelf or removed from a hard drive, only a half or quarter played -- and that is as much as disservice to the designers who put so much time into those unplayed parts as it is to the gamer who has forked over a pile of cash to buy the game.

Imagine if you bought a newspaper and were not allowed to turn the page until you completed the crossword puzzle....

I tell people who buy my board game designs that the beauty of ownership is being able to do whatever they damn well please with my games -- if they do not like the parameters or some of the rules, they are free to change them to suit their own desires. If they play with other people, however, they should give them the courtesy of asking whether or not they wish to play with those changes. If they play it the way I designed it I believe they will enjoy it, but if not, they should not be subject to the tyranny of the designer.

Set the Gamers Free. Let them experience the whole game.

This "unlock the next mission only when you beat this one" is a anachronistic holdover from the coin-op arcade games, when companies wanted you to keep pumping in quarters to play.

They kept this with platform games and then with strategy games...from Warcraft and Command and Conquer through Caesar and the other city building games to the Age of Empires collection right on to Praetorians....it is a habit but a bad one.

Once you buy a game the company is not going to get any more money out of you...so no need to put in the "unlock" levels to get you to play more....if anything, many players get locked out of a game....and never get to see what the designers have worked so hard to finish.

So instead of Penalizing a player who can not get by a roadblock in the game, REWARD him in some other manner....give him a special bonus in the next level.....but even if he fails, let him get into the next level. The incentive to beat the scenario should be a positive one ... a medal of honor...not just a key to the next door. Players will still want to win the scenario, complete the mission, solve the problem and kill the beast -- if only for the challenge or sheer joy of it --- and if they do so, let them go forward with something that helps them later on --- but, no mater what, to paraphrase Moses, "Let my people play!"

8th May 2003, 12:41
I think the main aim of having the levels there is that so you cant just go to the last level of a game and play. The levels are also supposed to go up in difficulty, so if you just jumped into the last one, you would die fast.

An unlock feature might be nice, but then there would be no challenge to the game, you wouldnt feel that proud once you finished a level. I was very chuffed with myself cos I finished "He who dares", just skipping it out and moving on would have made me finish, but it wouldnt have been as ncie a feelign to have done so. Now the mission after "he who dares" is impossible, still trying to find the trick to it, With praetorians, most of the levels have a trick that means you can finish it. My trick for "he who dares" is to just place archers and towers in the ride by my allies village BEFORE I took the village, that way, when the enemy swarmed me , I had archers and catupaults all firing from out of sight.

8th May 2003, 12:47
hmm what was the missions name? i might have some tips for you since i finished them on normal level after few tries. Im now in the last mission.

yes there's a trick to every level. Essential is the use of surroundings.. wood.. ambushes... mountain cliffs... etc.. placing troops to places where your enemy possible cant think you have them and flank them etc. Especially the use of catapults is damn effective

tell me if i can help


8th May 2003, 14:40
I forget the name now, It is the one where you have Parthian Cavalry attacking you adn you must get the Centurion to his base. I get to the Syrians and ally with them, but from there I am stuck, if I go South through the woods I get slaughtered by the Parthian cavalry and if I repair the bridge, I get waves and waves of soldiers and camels attacking me.

worst thing though, is that it is on easy!

help me please! :(

8th May 2003, 20:45
ahh, that one.
select everybody and run to the allies. watch out that your hero doesnt get attacked. then kill the guys who come into the area where the allies are. only them. kill the guys on the other side of the bridges with your bowmen. build the bridge, kill more guys and go to the place where you can cross the water. deselct the guys who cant cross it and go to the other allies. cross the water with them. select everybody and attack the village. get a big army and attackt the next village. after that you only have to kill a few enemys.