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11th Apr 2003, 01:12
I had to do an uninstall/reinstall of Darkloader (4.01)

Now when I try to use "original" T2 the game opens with one of the FM's I was B testing.

The Saves allow me to start a game in T2, but I can't get the FM screen to vanish on startup for the Main screen.

Any suggestions?

11th Apr 2003, 01:59
It sounds like you may have removed Darkloader without first reverting to the OM's for T1 and T2. That be bad.:(;) When Darkloader is installed freshly, it assumes the OMs are in place. I am not sure exactly how Darkloader keeps track of what files need to be restored when a mission is replaced by another. The first thing I would try would be to load a FM, then yet another FM, and finally go back to the OMs. If that does not work, the only thing I could think of to do would be to remove Darkloader, reinstall the OMs, and reinstall Darkloader.

Maybe someone else will come up with something better....

11th Apr 2003, 02:02
I almost always revert to OM before I close out Dark. Perhaps I missed it one time.

I will try your suggestion.

Thanks Peter

13th Apr 2003, 08:55
If you've got the space, you could have special installs of Thief Gold and Thief II just for DarkLoader's personal use and play the actual games from different installation folders...but that can lead to massive HDD space (just realized, to my shock, that I've devoted well over 20GB of my hard disk to Looking Glass Studios' progeny). :D

13th Apr 2003, 17:05
Try selecting a different FM. You might have to select two or more different FMs. Darkloader uses a hash value to track or identify the FMs; in darkloader.ini, you'll see the section title as "[calendra.33753430]" where the number is the hash value. I've noticed that sometimes Darkloader gets confused on the hash value (because it isn't necessarily unique) and you end up selecting a game different than the one you intended, or you'll end up playing the previously selected game when you selected a different one. So jump around a couple FMs to make Darkloader load a different FM than the current one after the install.

Also, a file named Darkloader.Current is put into the Thief install directories. This tells Darkloader what it changed to load the FM. If the above doesn't work, you might try deleting this file. This is how Darkloader tracks what is the current FM/OM (i.e., the last one that was setup and played). There is a "last selection=<missname>" line in Darkloader.ini, too. I also recall having to rename or delete darkloader.ini to start it over from scratch, but then you lose all the checkmarks for Finished (but which you can add back in by editing this file).