View Full Version : Exact data on each unit?

10th Apr 2003, 21:52
does anyone know if the game or anyone else published info on the exact strenths and weaknesses of each unit? Or does anyone have any ideas?

pikemen: 20 attack, speed:10, stationary formation:+20 defend
legionaries: 40 attack, speed 10, turtle formation:+30 defend

if no one knows... anyone care to guess?

11th Apr 2003, 01:31
Theres a little foldout which comes with the game that gives a description and stats for each unit, plus a description of their special abilities....

11th Apr 2003, 09:00
yea, theres a fold out with description of each unit, abilities and defence/attack details but i think DaPimp is looking for something more detailed than that.