View Full Version : Any interest in a Spring object?

10th Apr 2003, 19:38
No, not bright flowers and crap, I mean coils:

I don't know if the custom object programs that we use are able to (easily) do springs, but I've got a CAD program. :)

11th Apr 2003, 02:03
That would be a welcome addition :)

11th Apr 2003, 09:25
Okay I'll make a few and put em in a zip or something.

I'll make some with different dimensions and pitch values (basically how often it repeats itself).

They don't move though. (ie they don't oscillate)

13th Apr 2003, 17:57
I've put a zip file on my website.

Click here to download it! (http://mysite.freeserve.com/another_website/springs.zip)

The zip also contains readme, which should explain enough.

Here is a the text:

If using Darkloader put this .zip in the same directory as your other T2 FMs, click on INSTALL ONLY, or DROMED. Don't click on Play - it won't work because the files required for playing are not present. You'll get an 'Invalid Filename' error but that can be ignored.

If for whatever reason you wish to unzip the file insted, extract the contents to Thief2\
Also, the textures used are: paint19.gif and spring.gif
If you have any textures with those names in the obj\txt16 directory, back them up before unzipping.

Go into Game Mode and look around.

There are a number of springs around, some stationary, some oscillating and an evil one.

The oscillating spring with the F1 car texture is using the Tweq > Scale property. This provides a nice smooth animation, but as the spring changes z-scale, the cross section, which is supposed to be (approximately) a circle, gets more and more distorted. Also, this spring uses a different model from any of the others, and when I was making it, I forgot to make it small so in DromEd is has been scaled down considerably.

The other stationary springs are all variations of the same model (the shortest being the original). These were all made in the CAD program I have, so the cross sections are all the same.
The second oscillating spring uses the Tweq > Models property, which cycles through most of these models. The animation looks awful though, and there's a limit to how many models can be used. But I'm not very experienced with Tweq stuff, so for all I know, there could be a way round that.

So there's no problem with stationary springs, I can make practically any size, with any pitch value. It's just animating them that causes problems.

And watch out for the evil spring.