View Full Version : be going on a trip

10th Apr 2003, 09:06
well guys next month i will be going to see my little nephew
who is two year old any he like to watch me play tomb raider
and i taught him how to push the jump button on tomb raider 3
he thought it was funny when lara croft fell the water and he make her fall he say oh oh no welll anyway i will be playing
tomb raider games so he can watch or rayman games

10th Apr 2003, 11:56
That is sooo cool.

Watching somebody playing TR is very amusing you know. Most people don't come far :D

Tomb Raider Fan
13th Apr 2003, 21:09
I'll tell ya whats amusing!...Watching my dad on Tomb Raider games. Honestly he dunt no how to jump or shoot or anything... Hes pathetic dare i say it! :D hahaha