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7th Apr 2003, 18:13
The engine that Praetorians uses (with a few physics adjustments) could, in my mind, make one kick ass Revolutionary war/Civil war/early British Empire (sort of like the movie The Four Feathers) game. I recently bought the game, and can see that no advanced modding is going to be done without an SDK, but what do you guys think about that?

7th Apr 2003, 22:01
well the way the british made their square (of people, in a defensive square) sort of reminded me of how the romans march in lock step, and that if you could get them to do the same, only with guns. the cavalry would practically be the same except swords. and if eidos doesnt make an extracter, someone else will hehe.

7th Apr 2003, 22:57
The British only assumed square formation to protect themselves from cavalry, as if they were in a line formation they would be torn to shreds from their flanks.

I'm not so sure about this game being modded to civil war or napoleanic wars etc, as they would be very small troop engagements, and I'm not too fond of waiting around while small units stand around and fire at eachother 3-4 times a minute.

Somme good mods to me for this game would be Carthaginian war or any other major engagement the Romans were in, with new units like Elephants, auxiliary cavalry (new types), and a few other things that other people will think of.

Let's just hope Pyro lends a helping hand...

7th Apr 2003, 23:19
your more fond of people whacking each other with pointy things for a few minutes? besides, you cant control the units once theyve gotten into combat, and retreat is impossible.

napoleonic wars would work fine. id just need to make it so the battles would be large scale. well, i guess ill see what happens with it

edit: maybe an ancient greek/arab/far east mod would be good. or, alternatively, the middle ages or renaisance.

8th Apr 2003, 06:31
Well the more I think about it, it may work.

Small unit encounters (ie one regiment versus one regiment, 700 men vs 700 men, ish) would be a bit challenging, as the units would be practically even (unless you factor in experience) and then you get into the area of who holds the high ground, who is turning the flank, etc.

It'd be interesting to see if it works...

8th Apr 2003, 17:34
its such a waste though if the engine is limited to romanesque warfare.

you could make a 100 man group, and youd only be able to build 5 of those. i dont know it doesnt seem like that much strategy is involved. ill try and factor it in somehow.

8th Apr 2003, 23:53
the pak files that are used are not "quake" pak's like i thought they were...they are pyro's little creation so dont waste your time with that. i just realized i have too much time on my hands.

9th Apr 2003, 03:22
Yeah I spent a good time searching the net for quake editors and then decided it wasn't worth it....

What is this SDK you speak of?
(Or am I being a complete moron?)

9th Apr 2003, 03:26
SDK is a developers kit. for example the half life SDK includes a map editor, model editors/viewers, source code (wouldent expect it here, but maybe). just a handy-ass developer kit.

9th Apr 2003, 04:44
I'm not sure if Pyro is going to be helping us at all with this.

9th Apr 2003, 08:02
A .PAK file acts like a .ZIP archive, it contains many different files within the archive, and can be accessed via the game it is associated with. Files within the archive are often read only. Note: .PAK files are used with many different Quake Engine games.

Im certain that these files have much in common with a Quake .pak. It may just have something to do with compression and/or formatting issues.

As for the sound paks, they arent able to compress as much as, say, a jpeg just due to the way the file is constructed. Thus the reason Winzip is so easily able to open it.

But Im stumped. Ive been going at this for about an hour today, and Ill keep trying... because I wont sleep until Ive figured out how. And even if we do, its step one, you know.

Edit: http://filext.com/detaillist.php?extdetail=pak&Submit3=Go%21 this site may be of some use to you guys.

9th Apr 2003, 22:44
Have you tried the PAKscape and PAKexplorer mentioned on the site?

For some reason the link wouldn't work for me...

There is also that zip file that looks very much like it contains the way of opening paks.

Rufus are you referring to the zipdll in the data folder?

10th Apr 2003, 00:58
You cant decompile .dll's. But yes I have tried both programs (and a few others)