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Mark OHearn
6th Apr 2003, 22:19
I'm struggling to complete this mission.

I have tried unsuccessfully several times on Normal and then even on Easy.

I have tried the strategy outlined in Prima's Official Strategy Book. I think I must be doing something wrong, because every time I arrive at Lucan, a massive enemy force swarms the village and eliminates all my troops within minutes.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

7th Apr 2003, 17:00
check this thread:


8th Apr 2003, 06:07
I tried that thread and I still have had no luck, even on Easy (though my troops seem to last longer). I wish that thread had some screenshots. It is hard to believe someone could complete it with negligible losses.

It IS possible, at least on Easy, to "harvest" all the allied troops if you move your troops up to Lucan, while leaving your commanders just shy of the town, take out the troops in the forest above the town and then move you commander into the town. If you wait a few minutes all the converted allied troops head to the town. Rather than defend the town, which I found impossible, I moved all my troops back down the right side and then to the middle below the enemy town. It is THERE that I keep losing , but I am wondering if I am placing myself too far forward, because the enemy troops sweep down past my archers and come up behind me.

Good luck!

8th Apr 2003, 12:42
Here's one tactic you could try (I just thought of it now, and haven't tried it myself):

To the north-east of the middle town there is an elevated ridge that runs up north. The access to this ridge is surrounded by forest. (There's a catapult further north on this ridge, but I don't think he'll bother you.) Have some archers set up on the ridge in stationary mode, protected by spearmen, and set up your foot troops close by. Then lure some enemy troops into the forest and ambush them.

Since I haven't tried this, I don't know if it will work. You'll have to keep your horsemen out of the way because they can't get through the forest, so they'll be killed. Put them way over to the east and just use footmen. If there are enemy archers about, use your horsemen to take them out, but watch out for pikemen.

Mark OHearn
8th Apr 2003, 13:06
or in this case, the satisfaction of finally achieving victory!

Yes it is possible, albeit on Easy :( Gathered all my Gallic/Roman troops south of the central town, then set up on the hill directly south of the village with the large stones arranged in a circular pattern.

I made several towers and seiges, put all my calvary archers on top. Legions in turtle and some warriors at rear to guard. Had two centurions separated - they were at level 4 by then.

It was a very long battle, where I was able to draw their attack to this stronghold, though it certainly wasn't very strong at the end :)

I had lost my eagle scout early in the game, which made it difficult to draw/extend fire onto their troops approaching my hill - I had to use some calvary units to initiate the battle.

At the end, only had 1.5 archer troops, three small warrior troops, and my three special units (two roman units were left way back in the map and never were taken from their original locations - left in the woods for protection).

Took my troops up towards the east of the central village, staying in the woods to avoid detection from towers, and since enemy consisted of mostly calvary and spearmen. Burnt central village.

Then I took my troops to the other village to the left, stayed in the woods as much as possible, since, again, the enemy has mostly calvary and spearmen at this point, who can't go into the woods of course, and burnt that village. Then Victory !

Man, I hope the next mission is just about taking troops and running from one village to another; or perhaps, even, better, take your troops to a nice peaceful picnic next to a waterfalls. Somehow I doubt it though :)

Good luck to those still struggling with this one. Don't use Prima's strategy of capturing Lucan, it just means sure death as wave after wave of enemy troops descend on the allied village.


8th Apr 2003, 18:25
Thanks, Mark, for that outline of your strategy. It is a modification of what I have tried. Maybe it is the towers that I need...

It seems that I am at a point where ANY contact with the enemy unleashes their entire force upon whatever units I have.

I have tried that strategy, somewhat modified, with all the archers and even 4 - count them - 4 catapults on that ridge, but I finally get overwhelmed no matter which way I work it. And I have ALL the allied troops!! Oy.

I am about to go cheat this thing...

9th Apr 2003, 05:22
same here mate. i spend two hours trying to defend this town wich is imposible,and tried some other strategies. the thing is i have no roman units left....only barbarians :( wich arent too powerfull.6 groups of them. will try something new now.

i hope that there wouldnt be harder mission that this :)

9th Apr 2003, 12:00
Originally posted by Rufus
Did anyone try just rushing with your troops towards the enemy town?

I managed to win with an all-out attack from the east, through the forest. I didn't have many troops left at the end, but I put a hero into the town and started cranking out more, while my aux infantry built defence towers to hold off reinforcements from the west. I kept my archers in the trees and made them attack the pikemen so I could send in my equites. I had them attack enemy archers while the melee troops went at it.

I was playing on easy though. ;)

9th Apr 2003, 14:39
It has struck me a couple of times that a well coordinated offensive could do the trick, as you outlined, rather than these defensive schemes.

In my current incarnation (there have been many and I continue to tinker) I have claimed Lucan and am settling up, hopefully, very strong defensive positions. I have tried attacking down the left side towards the enemy village of the edge (I have not heard of anyone doing that) but keep coming up what I think is a little shy. There are too many archers and I wonder if I can send in my cavalry over the first bridge to attack them as my legions and horse archers attack from the ridge above.

My big problem with this situation is that I have lost both my scouts, so I am doing everything blind. It complicates things immensely. If I can crank out a couple quick ones from Lucan that might make a big difference. But I would have to lose at least a unit or two to activate that.

I know there are many ways to skin this particular cat, but it is a bit like a wild cat with rabies...

6th May 2003, 15:27
please let us unlock the missions -- give us the code (like some games where you type in a code word that lets you declare victory and just go to the next mission)

i am so stuck on mission 18 that the game is no longer fun...and i truly enjoyed it and recommended it to my friends...but have to reasses that now, as i believe this mission is just too hard and too frustrating (there are just waaay too many gauls and they move so fast that i can not build defenses or react and clik in time...no matter what i do

i need to get past this mission so i can continue having fun with what was, until this mission, a wonderful game.

have spent as much time on this mission as on the last six -- and am no longer having fun --- so frustrating that i can not play the game because it will not let me move on past this....i just want to play the game....

how can i leap over this and go on to playing mission 19 etc.

i tried the trainer, but the trainer keeps dumping me out of the game and back to the desktop. am i doing something wrong?

is there another, simpler in-game cheat to leap over levels?

I saw a notation about changing a user file, but i could not find that file anywhere....or instructions about where exactly to make the change.

I loved this game until last week -- when i got stuck on mission 18; played it over and over again, tried many, many strategies, even tried the ones others recommended and just can not get through it. Many other scenarios were challenging, but this one is just too frustrating and is no longer fun...i am no longer enjoying the game.

(I did not use the cheats to win any of those levels)

I want to keep playing praetorians, so i need to find a way to leap over this mission onto the next one

I do not normally use or like cheats, but there are just some times that you have to use one to end the pain and get on with having fun....this is one of those times.....

19th May 2003, 04:18
The key for me seems to have been grouping my Roman infantry into 2 groups...each with a Centurion. I grouped the general with the cavalry, then did the same with the barbarian troops. This reduced my combat loses signifigantly (like about 500% :)).

Then I backtracked up the western side of the map. This allowed me to attack both enemy towns at once. I was glad to be rid of this one. But now, I have started "Homecoming". It looks waaaay tougher :D.


BTW, do lots of scouting...attack with infantry first and support them with cavalry.