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6th Apr 2003, 14:54
Has got stuck on mission 19 "War Within the Mountains", where it is necessary to defend gorge in mountains. The gorge is in north of a map.
Right at the beginning I build defend towers and I put on them on group archers. One tower I build on the central road two on road to the east - one near on the forest, second on hill hardly to the south. I send army to second village in west.
The first enemies occur through a pair of minutes after the beginnings of game. I hold a defense, then the problems begin at settlement in west. Similar, that the allies army do not burn by the special desire to defend the settlement and defense is assigned to shoulders romans. I build and there defense tower, I hold a defense. Then in a southwest of a map there is a first hero in support of several groups. I send scout to him and I bring the hero and army to village. In passing I hold a defense and build units. Then army occurs so many that they or break to mine settlement and destroy garrison, or to a settlement of the allies and grasp them village, so in both cases the mission comes to an end by a failure.
And how many missions in the game?

12th Apr 2003, 05:43
I just finished this mission today, after failing a lot of times. This time, I built 3 or 4 defense towers close by my town and filled them with archers. My infantry hid in the trees just south of my town to attack anyone that came close, while the towers could shoot them easily. I sent my Equites out on hit and run missions on enemy archers that attacked the allied town. My ally looked after himself fairly well, but I needed to send over some Praetorians to help as well. As soon as the mission started, I recruited some more Praetorians to help out.

Once the first general defected, I sent someone down to collect him and his troops and brought them back to my town, and kept fighting off the enemy until the next general defected.

The important thing is this: when the second general defects, quickly send someone down to collect him, and bring him back to your town. Don't worry about his troops, because they are standing right next to the enemy and will probably die. Just get the general and run straight back to base. This should make the enemy flee, and you'll win.

2nd May 2003, 10:42
I took 23 min to clear this level on normal. My key is holding the hill just behind your village. I sent my archers straight there and build a defence tower at the mid slope of the hill. I had allmy archers hiding in the forest at the hill top. Just make them stationary and the enemies will try to attack u by going around and end up losing a lot of troops. The remaining of them will attack the defence tower and ended up crushed by falling stones.

I didn't even have any enemies going for the ally village since the hill overlook the central region so my archers just shoot and shoot.

18th May 2003, 04:47
This worked on normal for me (but it was still a frantic fight and barely winnable):

There is a hilltop south of the friendly starting village that is in a somewhat central position overlooking the river. I don't mean the hilltop adjacent to the village; I mean the one next to the river.

I immediately run everyone (to save time) to that hilltop even though I only really want my archers there. As they run, I send a centurion to start recruiting, redirect the spearmen to a path that blocks access to the hill (should be on the east (right-hand side), have auxiliaries build towers (two on east side, one on west side), place legions and praetorians in forests near archers, equites in reserve.

This worked 4 of 5 times, although just barely. Most of the time, the enemy strikes hardest on the right side with cavalry, archers, and legions. The archers really hurt the enemy the most with hundreds of kills, especially if they attempt to cross the river near the hilltop. The allied village was not attacked three of the times.

I sent wolfscouts to contact the centurions as they defected.

Thoughts: jiehao85 - there is no hill behind the village, unless you mean the heights to the right of the village. How that would interfere with enemy troops crossing in the center of the map, I don't know.

Building towers near the starting village, sticking to the forest adjacent to the village, occupying the nearby hill, didn't work for me. The battles were furious but the allied village kept being overrun and finally the starting village would fall.

I am unable to win this on the "hard" level - so far. The enemy forces are insane on hard, they just keep coming...

Hispania, War in the Mountains, defect, defections, centurion

19th May 2003, 21:32
Still unable to win at "hard" - would welcome "hard" winners solutions.

My "nomal" strategy barely works at normal, it's overwhelmed on "hard."

20th Jun 2003, 07:38
Ugh :o still can't win in hard level. The enemies outnumber you, the ally doesn't have a clue, all the enemies attack you on one side, and what do you get when you ask for help? (try pressing the w key then left click on the ground).

Is this mission really winnable in hard level or did eidos and pyro made a bad mistake on the hard level of this mission?

20th Jun 2003, 11:33
Yes! I’ve finally won in hard level and proved myself wrong on what I said earlier. :D

Here’s what I was able to come up with to win.


Like Random did, I built the towers close to the town (if the picture doesn’t appear just copy the URL and paste it in the address bar) then recruited praetorians. I placed the praetorians near the towers and let the melee units come to them so the towers could help them with boulders. When the melee units are eliminated, I send the praetorians to the nearby forests to kill hidden archers.


On the ally side I placed 2 archer groups on the forest/hill just south of the village and placed the 2 spearmen groups on the pathway to the forest/hill to protect the archers. When the spearmen kill the melee units, I use the equites to kill the remaining archers.


To protect the middle portion, I placed the 2 legionnaire groups on the forest with defensive and hold position commands.

30th Jun 2003, 11:59
Hi Guys, IM having real truble with this crazy level. It seems impossible. I can't even beat it on easy. I got both generals back to my base once and I still didn't win. Even though I had them back past my base! Is there a spot where you have to place them? Like mabey the allied village? Also, you can't just do what worked for other people, the enemy always strikes from a different angle. Sometimes they rush the right side of your village and sometimes they rush the allied village etc etc. Well, I just wanted to know what is the best way to defend and how do you "win" this level. It seems like you can only win on luck or mabey there is a triger on it that makes it so you win on like the 25th try?

Thanks, Marlfox :(