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history buff
6th Apr 2003, 02:09
I have just bought a new computer, Pentium 4, 2.53 GHz, DirectX 8, Windows XP home edition, and the very first software I loaded on it was Praetorians. I can get the movie to run but when I try to play the game I get a display that is fragmented and the game won't run. The computer is brand new out of the box. Funny thing, it works on my laptop which is much slower.
Any help would be appreciated.

6th Apr 2003, 03:05
What kind of video card. Update your driver and update to dx9.0a.
Hope this helps....

7th Apr 2003, 14:28
It works well under XP but like all the other guys say, you need to update your display drivers and then your Direct X 9, which is what I have and it handles just nicely. You may also want to run the automatic update (windows) which will no doubt have a shed load to download for the PC - I would rocommend that you do that.


P.S. If anyone has cheats for this game - let me know please