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5th Apr 2003, 20:14
There has to be some cheat codes for this game. There is a chat box, therefore I'm sure there are bound to be some cheat codes for this game.

Does anyone know what they are?

The "Who Dares" mission is really pissing me off. I successfully captured the town in the middle, but as soon as I do, the enemy sends out wave after wave of attacks and crushes me.

I can't build men fast enough.

7th Apr 2003, 13:56
HI, I haven't seen any cheats either that actually work. I have tried the stupid trainer and it doesn't work - if someone could advise how to do it correctly then please do coz this game looks awesome but I just keep messing up.


8th Apr 2003, 23:48
Yea i need some cheats to get back to levels i lsot when my system was corrupted but i havent see anything on the net. i wonder if gameshrak might do anyhting.....

6th May 2003, 15:30
please let us unlock the missions -- give us the code (like some games where you type in a code word that lets you declare victory and just go to the next mission)

i am so stuck on mission 18 that the game is no longer fun...and i truly enjoyed it and recommended it to my friends...but have to reasses that now, as i believe this mission is just too hard and too frustrating (there are just waaay too many gauls and they move so fast that i can not build defenses or react and clik in time...no matter what i do

i need to get past this mission so i can continue having fun with what was, until this mission, a wonderful game.

have spent as much time on this mission as on the last six -- and am no longer having fun --- so frustrating that i can not play the game because it will not let me move on past this....i just want to play the game....

how can i leap over this and go on to playing mission 19 etc.

i tried the trainer, but the trainer keeps dumping me out of the game and back to the desktop. am i doing something wrong?

is there another, simpler in-game cheat to leap over levels?

I saw a notation about changing a user file, but i could not find that file anywhere....or instructions about where exactly to make the change.

I loved this game until last week -- when i got stuck on mission 18; played it over and over again, tried many, many strategies, even tried the ones others recommended and just can not get through it. Many other scenarios were challenging, but this one is just too frustrating and is no longer fun...i am no longer enjoying the game.

(I did not use the cheats to win any of those levels)

I want to keep playing praetorians, so i need to find a way to leap over this mission onto the next one

I do not normally use or like cheats, but there are just some times that you have to use one to end the pain and get on with having fun....this is one of those times.....

6th May 2003, 15:32
is there any way to SLOW DOWN the game speed.
it would be a much, much more enjoyable and relaxing game if you could slow down the real time, and give yourself more time to issue orders, organize the units etc.....many games do this....

it would be greatly appreciated here, especially by those of us who would rather maximize on the strategy rather than the clikfest aspect of this otherwise magnificent game...

thank you

6th May 2003, 16:18
There are no cheat codes in the release exe..

During testing we had some simple `cheats` to enable us to test out some features of the game, but it left the game unstable and things like multiplayer wouldn't work properly in `debug` mode.

6th May 2003, 17:40
so let us have these simple cheats to use in single player mode.

sure, a cheat in multiplayer is wrong, but for personal use in single player mode it is only right and fair and proper to be able to choose to use it...especially when the alternative is to NOT have fun or NOT be able to play the game.

I am at that point; unless i can skip over or do something to end this mission I can not and will not play the game anymore, and will no longer reccommend it to my friends...as as the former history editor of wargamer.com that is a lot of people...i even went to bat for praetorians and stood up for the game when one reviewer was about to give it a bad review because the game played so darn fast and there were no cheats and he got stuck several scenarios back...

so, please, just out of kindness for those of us who are stuck for one reason or another yet want to keep playing, share with us the simple cheats...or at least one(s) that let us either

(a) declare victory and skip to the next mission, and/or
(b) slow the darn thing down to give us time to think and issue orders and/or
(c) do something that enables us to complete the mission

--i saw the cheat codes on the trainer; none of them work and most i would not use, and as for the user.usr notation that one replier wrote, i can not find the file ... i even set the computer on search and it can not find the file...


(ps: i am actually still history editor at wargamer.com, but have been on sabbatical since 9-11-01: i am a freelance journalist who specializes in terror, bin laden, iraq, afghanistan, iran and wmd....so i have been insanely busy since then -- and have had to cut back on writing about let alone playing games...so all the more reason that when i get some time to have some fun i want to do that...have fun...not bash my head against a stone wall

please help

6th May 2003, 18:37
As I said there are no actual cheats within the game..

I've posted on another thread how to alter your profile unlocking other levels.. That is the only `official` thing you can do in the game, using trainers are not advisable :)

6th May 2003, 20:05
thank you, thank you...and did i mention thank you?

i followed your instructions and example...assisted by another posting from a fellow who saw it and reminded me to use notepad to open and edit it.

..and i tested it to be sure and voila! all of the missions are listed there, ready for me to play.

beautiful. i am a happy legionaire...

now i can play any scenario i want. i can go back at leisure to he who dares, but with far less pressure and tension, knowing that i can go forward to the other at my whim.

you are a kind fellow, and thank you for sharing this with me.

Now, if anyone at wargamer.com asks, i can tell them how to do it.

ps: tonight on PBS (public broadcasting) here in Connecticut there is a special on how eight guys are challenged to live and work and train as an optio....a roman squad for a week. they have to dress like, eat like and live like...which means work and train...like romans...sort of preatorians: the reality tv show....