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5th Apr 2003, 11:42
Got Praetorians yesterday for my birthday, managed to get past crossing the river arar before my brothers PC crashed (it crashes every 30 minutes)
I noticed it seems alot harder even on easy -units stats have changed
but what have they done to the voice's of the Roman Units!? they sound even worse than they did in the Demo!
still great game


5th Apr 2003, 19:08
lol i dunno how different the nmissions are, im still on teh second level, my brothers compurter keeps crashing every 30 minutes, then when rebooting it says the hard disk cant be deteected, so i have to leave it anotehr 30 minutes before i can go back on it for 30 mintes,
so it has a 30 minute time befroe crashing again
infuriating, it is


6th Apr 2003, 00:33
Hmm, I'd say you need a new computer....

Yeah the tweaked unit characteristics were a shock to me after playing the demo for so long.

6th Apr 2003, 10:33
Yea i ordered a new computer, should be coming in a few weeks, a nice p4 2.4 GHz, 512 DDR Ram, 128MB Geforce 4 should be quite nice to play Praetorians on :cool:
the computer im palying praetorians on at the moment is my brothers but its got serious problems


7th Apr 2003, 16:47
hehehe,congradulations on your gift and happy b-day ;)

yeah,i noticed lots of changes from demo :) and voices are quite ok.

btw with such comp u can play more then praetorians ;)

tell me what was different in demo?

7th Apr 2003, 17:57
what do you mean with "btw with such comp u can play more then praetorians "?
the features different from demo are the voices, that was teh absolute first thing i noticed, i think theyre terrible in the full game lol :)
and the units have changed slightly, units have been balanced out further-example legionnares aint as strong

I dunno whats wrong with my brotehrs computer, it crashes every minutes and fails to boot up saying that it cant detect the hard disk

i then have to leave it for 30 minutes before it'll boot up again, but 30 minutes in and it crashes once again and so on