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5th Apr 2003, 09:15
hi: am i missing something or can units that have lost men in combat not be brought up to full life again. doctor gives back hit points but the unit still lacks men

5th Apr 2003, 12:02
well thats true he can not raise the dead but what i meant was instead of recruiting new units is there a way to fill the ranks of damaged units replacements???????

5th Apr 2003, 13:58
If you have several groups of just a few troops (say, 5 groups of 6 men and the others have died), you can join them together to form a complete squad. The join button is in the command box down the bottom right of screen; select the groups you want to join and press the button.

There's no way you can get back the dead men without recruiting more though.

5th Apr 2003, 21:10
thanks for the help