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4th Apr 2003, 15:06
I have been playing FF7 for some time now. I have run into a problem recently that will not allow me to advance further into the game.
I can not get the Lunar Harp. I have dug all over the ground, but when i go to dig on the second level i am unable to climb the ladder to reach my destenation.
Is there something you must do inbetween the time you leave the village after the Ancient Temple blows up and up till the Lunar Harp that I am not doing?
Any help would be most appreciated.


4th Apr 2003, 17:30
It's just one of those things....you "can" climb the ladder. Just keep clicking around it. It's a matter of finding the sweet spot. Try facing different directions.... There isn't any special trick or anything....it's just that the activation spot is small.

6th Apr 2003, 21:30
Oh, I remember that one well! Total frustration to find just that 'right' spot! It's there all right...try to move one little click and and click at a time. I seem to remember being just a hair to the left of middle at a tiny angle when I finally hit it just right. Thank Heaven's you don't have to do it again...not this time around.

There is another one, too. Has to do with a cage in a room...and isn't that another game?:confused: :confused:

7th Apr 2003, 09:03
That was the cage lever in Wutai.

But now for the ladder problem...this is what the FF7 profs would call a pixel hunt just keep clicking while moving around the ladder, also try it from a distance.


8th Apr 2003, 16:02
The Cage one happens because Yuffie starts to cry....and she turns her back to Cloud when she does.

Most people, including myself, circle around to her front....and talk to her. When you do this the activation for the lever gets reversed.

To activate the lever you have to face Cloud's back to the lever and hit the Action key....If you talk to Yuffie's back...then all is well.