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Duckman Drake
4th Apr 2003, 12:00
(flapping my wings back over to my favorite FPS forum ever to deliver some super news)

Ok, checking to see if this isn't already known around here...nope, looks good. Thought it was an April Fools joke at first, but thank heavens I was wrong...

Activision has announced Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy for release on PC and Xbox this Fall!


will take you to an article over at Gamepro for the big news. We won't be playing as Kyle this time around: the player will be able to customize their own character (race, gender, hair, clothing, etc) lightsaber (hilt stlye, blade color), non-linear level selection and different force abilities depending on which side (light or dark) of the Force you ally with. Guns from JK2 will be returning, and the double bladed Darth Maul saber can be unlocked later in the game.

I WAS looking forward to KOTOR this June, but when I heard about this, I was completely floored. A FPS with RPG like custom options sounds better than your run-of-the-mill turn-based action. I'm stoked.

The Fall release date blows me away, but since the engine is essentially the same as JK2 (and the fact that Activision has kept devlopment well under wraps) it doesn't suprise me.

5th Apr 2003, 23:47
That has heaps to do with TS2.:rolleyes:

But I'm pretty excited as well about jk3, but the graphics still look the same.

Duckman Drake
6th Apr 2003, 16:13
Originally posted by Reaperbot
That has heaps to do with TS2.:rolleyes:

Sorry to make you look silly my friend (double-checking conscience) - strike that, no regrets here - but this is the TS Community Forum. It's cool to talk about other, non TS things here.

Looks like there are some trends you can't start.

MMM, am I foolish for trying to get people down here? :(

(devours a whole loaf of bread in disdain)