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3rd Apr 2003, 21:44
ok i have a firwall and i cannot disable it do i have to go trough gamespy to play multyplayer or can i go trough the game like halflife can anyone plz answere before i buy the game

3rd Apr 2003, 23:58
somone plz reply

4th Apr 2003, 01:16
As far as I know, Gamespy is the only way to connect to MP games, but I'm not sure. I don't play MP, so I'll let someone else confirm or deny this.

4th Apr 2003, 01:27
can anyone confirm this plz im planning on gettin the game 2marrow!!!!!!

4th Apr 2003, 05:30
You can only play via Gamespy since the game has no sort of server browser. However if you have the IP of the host of a game you can use that in the game to start a match.