View Full Version : anyone know where i can get lara meshs??

David 070
3rd Apr 2003, 03:08
anyone know where i can get different meshes of lara?

im looking for the ones that were used to make the tomb raider wallpapers weve all seen,

in other words im looking for the really advanced meshes(hopefully with the textures also!)

not the ingame ones..


please help!

3rd Apr 2003, 15:50
Ugh.. I wish.

I've been looking for a while, but still no luck.

Someone over in the LE forum has one used from TR2.. But it's missing some textures.

I'd prefer one from TR 4/5... I'd make my own, but I couldn't make a decent model if my life depended on it.. ;)

Good luck, and let me know if you find something.

David 070
4th Apr 2003, 06:14
come on, isnt there anyone who knows where to get the (wallpaper meshes of Lara?)

im also talking to you core.

(respectfully of course)..lol

its been a while and i think this should be made available!

well i guess ill keep looking.....


David 070
4th Apr 2003, 06:16
hey seth, it was harly wuson,

and he made a tr4 mesh with textures available..

if you want it i can email it to you:p

4th Apr 2003, 21:57
Depends.. Last time I had it, it was missing eye and teeth textures.. And it was disturbing. Do they have them this time around?

(P.S.. I got it from Wee Bald Man before Harly was even around)

4th Apr 2003, 22:01
Oh how I wish I could have this model..


David 070
5th Apr 2003, 03:55
ive never seen that model before! very cool!!

i would love to have that also!

by the way the 3d model of lara is in 3ds ,has textures with eyes and original outfit.

im going to keep hunting for these meshes....maybe ill get lucky lol.

5th Apr 2003, 14:55
Let me know if you get lucky.. ;)

As for that 3DS Lara Model.. I'll take it. :)

David 070
5th Apr 2003, 16:00
Hi seth, i just need your email address and ill send it...

5th Apr 2003, 16:17
It's in the profile.. But I'll save you the time..


14th Apr 2003, 20:33
hey send me one too!!!


ive bin trying to make one and it looked more like a plant...
so please if you can.....


17th Apr 2003, 01:47
I have 3 of Harly Wuson's lara meshes on my site.

Here is a list:

1. Lara in original outfit.

2. Lara in trc cammo.

3. Lara in Harly's custom outfit from lost acropolis.

However these are the in game models from tr4 and trc.

17th Apr 2003, 14:00
hey can you give me a link to your website?....

18th Apr 2003, 23:44
It must have turned off my signature when I edited my post because I had a link to my site in my signature.

Here is the link in my signature below.