View Full Version : "I love you" or "Thank you"?

2nd Apr 2013, 20:56

At the end of FFX in English, Yuna tearfully tells Tidus "I love you" before he jumps off into the abyss. For people who may not know, in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy X, Yuna instead says "thank you".

While the HD Collection is coming out soon with some extras not available in North America before, I doubt there's gonna be any dialog changes, so we should still hear Yuna say "I love you".

But that makes me wonder. Should they have decided that dialog change when it came over in English? Was it better or worse?

For me, I'm torn. I played the game in English and "I love you" is how I know it. But aside from my own personal nostaligia, "I love you" didn't sound entirely misplaced. If anything, it added that extra pinch of bitterness at the game ending. As I've said before, FFX had a sad but conclusive ending, something I really appreciated.

On the other hand, "thank you" is a completely honest and heartfelt statement in of itself. Tidus' involvement changed so much for Spira, and Yuna especially. Without him, she would've sacrificed herself and the cycle of death would have continued more and more.

What do you guys think?

2nd Apr 2013, 21:50
Is that really important? because in ffx-2 they kiss,hug,walk hold hand each other,play, whatever.

Because there a lot things worse.

2nd Apr 2013, 23:54
I think both versions have the same meaning. In japanese, a word can convey many meanings or emotions, and it is not that usual that they come up with an "I love you", in this case, Yuna really loves Tidus but at the same time she's greatful with him, so, that she had said Thank you, conveyed all those feelings, and it feels more sincere. In English, we kinda have specific words for every concept, and it was so beautiful when she said "I love you", because it conveys the deeper emotion as we understand it. So, i'll be glad to hear her say I love you in the new HD version! Well, that's what i think, please tell me your opinion! ^^

By the way, i can't accept FFX-2 as a sequel, because i agree that the ending of FFX was conclusive and beautiful, and i think that the sequel sucks! *o*