View Full Version : Ever played as Monkey?

1st Apr 2003, 11:59
Ever played as Monkey?

Me? Never.... I don't like him that much! :p

1st Apr 2003, 12:17
What the hell?!? MONKEY IS TEH ÜBER!11

1st Apr 2003, 12:37
I play as monkey whenever I play flame tag... and I win every time :cool:

1st Apr 2003, 15:11
The Monkey's OK..
Anyone know if you get any awards for the amount of times you play as him?

Also, while I'm at it.. How many civilians do you have to massacre to get the Brutality award? 100?

2nd Apr 2003, 04:11
The MONKEY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I use him all the time~!!!!!!!!!!111111

2nd Apr 2003, 10:14
Only once so I could try the 'walking through the waterfall' glitch!

Probably never use him again.

Ab ^_^

Century Bot
2nd Apr 2003, 16:19
Off Course - It would be rude not to!

3rd Apr 2003, 04:24
I never have, and i never will (other than in the banana challenges in which you have no choice)! The shortest i've gone is playing the Machinist. Oh and i did the waterfall trick with the bada** cyborg. So using the monkey is not necessary for this trick.

3rd Apr 2003, 09:26
What waterfall trick?? Soemone tell me... what is it?

3rd Apr 2003, 09:58
Pick a really short character and go to the Training Grounds and find a shrink powerup then walk through the waterfall and you'll see ^_^


4th Apr 2003, 00:51
I use the monkey sometimes, he's not the best, but enjoyable in his own ways

MMM...does he use the monkey alot?


8th Apr 2003, 19:12
I think if you pick monkey you are just trying to cheat. He's like Elvis in Perfect Dark. Against human opponents, you're the hardest one to hit.

The only time I ever play with monkeys is when I am shooting them.

Oh yeah...my little brother and I tried this trick...put all the weapons on fire extinguisher, and the bots will try to kill you with the extinguishers, then you just punch their lights out...fun, but it is cheating...do it with cheats on or something so nothing will be recorded.

23rd Apr 2003, 15:13
I like to burn monkeys, if that counts. :cool:

3rd May 2003, 00:45
Originally posted by DrkSnpr14
I like to burn monkeys, if that counts. :cool:
:D :D :D are you using him to set others on fire? if so, then, it counts:D :D :D

13th May 2003, 17:39
Tried once, but it was to easy to win and it felt like I cheated!
He just to hard to hit.

29th May 2003, 20:28
nah never played him but i figth him

get 3 mates around 4 player CTB with 10 monkies at the ice station and unlimited ammo

pure adrenalin rush :D :D

Captin Snow
7th Jul 2003, 03:19
The story line, and the obsession with monkeys on this game is what kep all the reviewers from giving it a perfect score I bet. Monkey Assistance, Played as Monkey this many times, what is their deal with monkeys?! Digit put it the best way: "I think if you pick monkey you are just trying to cheat. He's like Elvis in Perfect Dark. Against human opponents, you're the hardest one to hit. "

7th Jul 2003, 11:21
I hate the monkey- and if your playing seriously then its hard not to- getting platinums in any challanges involving monkeys is so irritatingly hard that it almost makes you want to go to a local zoo and massacre them!

If I want a short character I use good old robofish!

9th Jul 2003, 16:47
if imma be a small person its gon be machienest. he look like a little robot alien. so he is cool. not some stupid monkey. and robofish also is cool.

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15th Aug 2003, 11:24
i think i have played as the monkey about 6 times