View Full Version : North American Release

Mark OHearn
31st Mar 2003, 18:16
Praetorians was released in North America several weeks ago, yet it seems (New Brunswick, Canada) that it hasn't made any big waves in the gaming community. When online, a lot of the folks playing are European. Larger gaming sites like Gamespot, IGN, etc... have an entry for this game but not much else.

What are the impressions of other North Amercian gamers, and is this game more popular overseas (i.e., Europe)?

31st Mar 2003, 22:37
(trying not to sound like an idiot)
I've noticed online that there are alot of spanish games, so it looks like its big in spain...

I'm American and love the game, theres an opinion from a person from North America :)

1st Apr 2003, 18:56
Me and my three friends play often (from Canada) online, but, I must agree it's still extremely european dominated. It's hard to find games in English except during peak hours.

3rd Apr 2003, 22:37
you cant find games in english in canada. you must be from quebeck.

anyway i think this game is great(actualy i am only playing because it is made by Pyro;))
and it shortens the time waiting for commandos ;)

only few people i know who play it also :),but in GS most are europeans.