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Mark OHearn
31st Mar 2003, 13:35
Still slugging away at the Single Player Game - around Mission 12 or 13 now - while enjoying some terrific on-line play.

Over the weekend won my first convincing win (had some here and there in team games) with the Barbarians. Awesome troops - especially the German Calvary.

Then, me and two others played and a guy who plays the Egyptians surprised me with a new strategy - creating mostly all slaves and rushing early in the game. It was so effective that he even bet me and the other guy in the next game 2 against 1 :(

You must be stopped. This has been a public service announcement. The Community must be warned!

Last night enjoyed playing a newcomer. He stayed in his one village, building a tower and all - just like I did a couple of weeks ago, and after many terrible defeats I might add. Needless to say, I won twice in a row before he moved on.

To summarize, Skirmishes offer a completely different gameplay, and to my surprise gamers are inventing some interesting tactics on-line.

31st Mar 2003, 22:43
Did he happen to have the word "Slut" in front of his name? Like "Slut_Coast" or something to that effect?

I've seen a few inviduals like that, their tactic is called Slut Rape (as they promote it).

It's basically them rushing you, but they take advantage of being Egyptians and being able to slap out slaves in 12 seconds (amazing time to create troops) and then overwhelm their enemies.

Definatly a challenge.

Mark OHearn
31st Mar 2003, 22:54
What's the counter for this Athos?

1st Apr 2003, 00:36
Don't play against them :)

1st Apr 2003, 12:02
if you can get 2 or 3 units of EQUITES cavalry out first thay will destroy the attacking slaves but keep away from archers and spears

1st Apr 2003, 15:38
True but you would need honour points to be able to create equites.

1st Apr 2003, 18:32
FearOfAmp is the worse for these kinds of rushes. Believe me the Egyptian slave rush is not the only of it's kind. There is a Roman Auxilary Infantry rush that is just as deadly, and just as lame. Rushing ruins the whole point of the amazing combat factor of this game.

The only feasible counter I can think of his having a partner that plays well with Egyptians in the long run, and have him back you up near the beginning if you get slave rushed, or vise versa if he is slave rushed.

-kranos on gspy.

2nd Apr 2003, 02:25
I'm not sure if it's right to call out guys in this forum like this...

But speaking of FearofAmp, he is one hell of a plyayer, going off this example.......(I saved the sequence, if you'd like to see it just pm me)

Anyways it was a 2v2 game on the map with the central high ground witht he 4 villages on each corner around it (basically once you seize the high ground you can burn all 4 villages or stop the enemy from controlling them because they can't build a tower)

Anyways so Amp secured the high ground while I beefed up his forces and had the village to the southwest of the HG. Our opponents took advantage of our ignorance and secured the villages on the edge of the map and flanked us and burned our starting villages to the ground. Now this was our mistake that we didn't get those villages on the side and didn't directly engage them, but we all have those games.

Anyways so it came down to our forces on the HG and one village to the southeast of the HG. I had 2 legions and 2 archers along with 2 centurions left. He was playing as Barbarians and was doing one hell of a job of sticking it to the enemy.

It was an error but we were just waiting around trying to defend that one village (our opponents had burned down all but that village and 3 others that they were using). Anyways Amp was building up slowly while I was losing more and more of my legionaries. And then finally, once they made a huge push to knock us off the HG and I lost most of my remaining forces, Amp went on to knock both of them off. I'll spare you the details (he just kicked the crap out of them) but it was amazing how he was cornered like that and then broke out with German cavalry and beserkers to knock off 2 opponents.

That and he wasn't harassing me for not helping or being a jerk in any way. A good game.

2nd Apr 2003, 06:07
Hey i found this out with some friends of mine, if you play Barbies and just rush the egyptians you can play it right and win almost everytime, so if you know someone is slut rushing just kick they're ass before hand and if they give you flack for rushing give 'em the bird and call 'em a hypocrites.

For the specifics i recommend spearmen taking the bulk of the fighting with arrow support while your infantry take out their archers. Good Luck and together we can take a bite out of Slut Rushes!!