View Full Version : "He Who Dares" Reset my profile!!!!

30th Mar 2003, 15:59
I just FINALLY after a million odd trys completed this one.

Once finished, my profile has been reset to just the tutorials and the very first mission showing up :mad:

Tell me there is more missions then that cause I am ticked right now...

30th Mar 2003, 16:45
Go here. http://www.gamewinners.com/trainer....tispraet.zip... put this in your c:\documents and settings\your name\my documents\praetorians\profiles for xp..... this will unlock all levels and you can see all the forts..... just use this profile....

30th Mar 2003, 20:12
Thanks for pointing out the location of the profile, I fixed it myself. Easy enough format to deal with.

30th Mar 2003, 20:54
Mr. Frag....
This may sound stupid on my part,
But did you check that maybe you accidentally switched profiles?

Just in case you didn't maybe thats what happened.

31st Mar 2003, 23:58
No, no change, finally managed to beat it, and it saved out a profile with NO missions done. Good thing it is such an easy fix of just setting the 0's to 1's to get it back or my CD would be permanent fixture in the wall...