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30th Mar 2003, 07:39
Guess who reopened the FF7PC box and reinstalled it on his computer today.

It's kinda funny to realize that the FF7 'guide' has been burned so firmly in one's brain that one was able to uncover all the secrets without reverting to the guide. For example, the password to the Mayor's riddle in 62nd floor.

Chilled Unit
30th Mar 2003, 13:45
aahhhhh :-)

and the combination to get the big materia in the rocket :-)

30th Mar 2003, 16:12
Kinda sad when I realized that I still remembered...:eek:

30th Mar 2003, 23:22
Ah how can you call that a sad memory? It is a lovely memory, the kind that you look back on finally and say, "Oh those were good old days!"

For us players and FFVII fans, those were, indeed, our good old days!

But tell me, will it play again for me on this ME thing my Dad installed on my 'puter? But then, I do have it for the ps one and I am told it will play on the pstwo, so why not?

Well, after I play FFX which is still waiting for me right there...just across the room.

I think the most fun of my gaming life was that brief period when the 1/36th soldiers in FFVIII fired off the hunt for "The Butcher"! One great Eidos memory!

Was it not Arkron who first found them alll and went on to fight "The Butcher"... and saved the Chocobos from that notorious Chocobo killer?

Are you smiling? I am...

31st Mar 2003, 05:53
No, he actually persuaded him to join his party, instead of Vincent Valentine...what a massacre that was when he took the butcher to the chocobo farms... :)

31st Mar 2003, 08:53
Heh.. so you all remember :)

To bad I don't have that screenshot anymore. It generated quite a discussion about the rights of chocobo's IIRC.

1st Apr 2003, 00:24
Tastes like chicken...


1st Apr 2003, 19:18
...but that password changes, from game to game.

Sometimes I wonder if the people from FFX, heard about your Butcher....Those who've played FFX know what I mean.

1st Apr 2003, 23:52
The big materia password, not the mayor's :)

2nd Apr 2003, 00:50
Ah, indeed, nostalgia reigns supreme!

2nd Apr 2003, 22:14
I remember the buthcer all too well.

I remember writing this up:

"To get the Butcher:
Make sure you DO NOT sell the original Bronze Bangle that Cloud has equiped at the beginning of the game. Leave it on him until you sell all of the other ones you have, because you MUST have that exact Bronze Bangle

You must have Barret in your party whenever possible.

Also, you CANNOT buy ANY Chocobo Stables.

Fight the Lost Number Directly after meeting Sephiroth in the Shinra Mansion, when he gives you the Destruct Materia. DO NOT get Vincent afterward. Leave the door locked.

Right before you fight Hojo, put the Buster sword and the bronze bangle you saved from the beginning back on Cloud. Fight Hojo with these equipped, and then once you are on disk three, go to the Shinra Mansion (Cloud must still be wearing the bronze bangle and the Buster Sword) and open the coffin Vincent is found in. Instead of Vincent, the Butcher will pop out.

The Butcher hates Chocobos, and will chop them up whenever he sees them. Take him to the Chocobo farm, it's pretty funny!"

I wrote it so that if anyone was dumb enough to try it, they'd have to play the WHOLE WAY through the game just to find out it was fake. (not to mention they'd have to fight Hojo with crappy equipment.)

2nd Apr 2003, 23:00
Crazy kids.

3rd Apr 2003, 08:03
I must say that it was clever to include the bronze bangle + buster sword thingie among the prereqs. Of course, this was only to throw players on the wrong track ;)

I still haven't gotten around to getting all things wrapped up in an 'official' document though. Me not playing FF7 in some years now may have helped that.

7th Apr 2003, 01:59
They say time marches on...maybe it does but memories are great things to have and we really built some good ones here at Final Fantasy VII.

I wouldn't trade those times for anything...even the bad days fighting with DC and TOSG and wanton destruction.

My motto is still the one I laid down then:

"No matter what life hands you, take the high road and you will never regret it."

*Pulls up her cutsey poo frilly skirt and blows her nose on it, exposing frilly pantaloons... *