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29th Mar 2003, 22:04
Hi by all
Now I pass Praetorians and has got stuck on mission 16 "He who Dares...". In any way I can not it pass is there where two are necessary to grasp or to destroy villages: at the centre and in west of a map and to defend village in north.
In the beginning of mission I follow on east of a map, to be united with one army, then begins most problems. Tried following tactics:
1. Moved to north, to a friendly settlement and began to make units and to attach to itself friendly army, passing past. Here at me the mission came to an end by failure - enemies occurred so many that at me it was not simple opportunities to defend settlement and a bit later my defense I was broken also has failed.
2. Tried to grasp settlement at the centre of a map. To grasp it is simple, however then there are two variants: to destroy it or to not destroy.
In the first case at me remains very little army and in case I go on north to settlement (on west better to not be put, there army it is so much what terribly to present), the rest mine army is ruthless destroyed enemy. From all legs the heroes run to settlement and... The settlement here is exposed to powerful attack of enemies. The heroes simply could not be hidden, the failure.
The second variant - to construct the garrison and to begin to make units. Really on a pair of minutes the enemies let alone, but then them occurs so many that from my army almost nothing remains also to me it is necessary to go to northern settlement. Further all as in the first variant: powerful attack of enemies and failure. Besides here it is necessary to watch a defense and this settlement, if the enemy will grasp it, the mission too will be failed.
Help meeeee!!!!

30th Mar 2003, 01:52
There's already a thread on this topic:


Hope this helps