View Full Version : NO WALLS! Admins, look here.

29th Mar 2003, 03:17
This annoys me sooo much. What is the point of having all the siege stuff in skirmish and mp if you don't have any walls to attack. One of my main points for getting it was that I could have some great siege warfare with other players, notably my bro. This game has potential for great longetivity, this could be added to by adding siege combat. In AOEII, when we play mp we play 2 v 6. We build up loads of walls and weather the storm. It won't be hard, we keep the old defence towers and add a wall function in building. Walls, gates, barracks etc. Barracks could be added to from villages, sort of a waypoint. I would love to do this. Please let me and all the rest of the regular multiplayers add to our fun.
My first action when I installed it was to search for a map with walls in and fortresses. Also random maps could be a thought for the future.
Apart from that, great game and graphics.
Some people have been saying on this forum of no editor. A editor would let serious people make maps and people like me go play around with troops.
You should be able to put these thoughts under a 2mb patch. Please hear me and implement walls, thankyou.

29th Mar 2003, 06:29
Theres been discussion in the community for a patch,
Yet sadly Pyro Studios has sent no word of a patch or an editor in the pipeline...
Let's hope they change their minds some time...

1st Apr 2003, 19:05
This kind of ticked me off, (and I think a lot of other people too). Surprisingly however, seige units still play a big role in multiplayer games. Especially catapults.

Catapult usage:

You can easily burn down garrisons/towers/villages from far away distances if you can setup a few catapults on hills just outside of main bases. (You may need to send a hawk in for your catapults to fire.

Setting 2-3 catapults on barrage wipes out any troop aslong as they're stationary.

Battering Ram usage:

Only good for knocking down towers and garrisons, however not only is it the quickest way to knock down a tower, it will also kill the units garrisoned inside.

Ballistae usage:

Personally I don't use them that much, and do not have any effective strategies for them.

2nd Apr 2003, 02:39
Ballistas are incredible useful when it comes to defense.

You know those annoying turtles, and how arrows cant really pick em apart?
Ballistas slice right through them. Perfect for disrupting those advancing troops as it can kill 7-10 troops at once. Or more.