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28th Mar 2003, 19:42
Finally I got it :) and I have couple of questions about it.
1) What is pilum. And why sometimes legionaries don’t have turtle formation option?
2) What does promotion thing does? For example if I will promote group of legionaries,what will happen to them? Will they be stronger?
3) What does those earned points means? I mean the ones where u have yeloow line which increases when ukill people,and gives one point when reaches the end?

That’s it :)

28th Mar 2003, 21:52
Ill try and answer this one

1) the Pilum is a sort of spear that the romans used to throw at enemies within a short range before charging into them, uses alot of stamina.
The legionnares sometimes dont have the turtle formation option because you may have lost too many of them to be able to form the turtle formation (needs a certain amount of troops)

2)When you promote a unit what it does is produce a Centurion at the cost of one of that unit, for example if i promote a unit of auxillary infantry, theres 30 of them but afterwards theres 29 left and theres a new Centurion who can garrison villages and replenish staminia on the battelfield.

3)The earned points are called 'Honor Points' when you take over a settlement, when you start recruiting soldiers it will say the requirements , like command points, unit points and honor points, the honor points are used to create the great units such as Praetorians, i think you need 3 honor points to recruit a Praetorian unit... anyway honor points can only be accumulated through fighting the enemy.

Think that answered all your questions

-ill be getting the game soon!

29th Mar 2003, 05:14
ohh,thats so much mate!!!!!!
finaly things cleared up for me!!!
by the knowledge u have,it looks you have game already ;)

i had demo for almost half year and didnt understand those things realy well,but now... :P

29th Mar 2003, 10:48
havent got the game yet , but soon!
in the meantime ive been playing the demo alot, i figured out most of the stuff after 5 tries at the demo, but im finding it easy going now :cool: yesterday i managed to kill 500+ enemy and loose only 28 troops!

I hope the other missions in the full game are just as good, if not better than the demo level 'crossing the arar'


29th Mar 2003, 19:05
They're just as good, if not better than the demo mission.

And watch out when you get the game, the units have changed a little (from what I can remember of the demo the legionaries were uber units, whereas in the game they aren't.)

It's a great game though, worth the investment.

29th Mar 2003, 20:03
Legionnares have been made weaker? doh they usually compliment my main fighting force in the demo, should i keep them as the main fighters in the full game as well?

29th Mar 2003, 22:38
well legionaries is still very powerfull soldiers! as well as equites wich i also use alot :)

and my loses are terrible same or few dozen less lost then enemie :(

whats your strategie guys?
first put few divisions of legionaries and then archers from behind?

29th Mar 2003, 22:50
when im moving to engage the enemy on open ground have 2 legionnares at the front and 2 archers behind them with a slight space so they dont get drawn into the melee, then i have at the back another legionnare unit to thrown into the fight as reinforcements and protecting the rear of the archers i have auxillary infantry.

I dont use calvary for much more than mobbing up remnants of the enemies armies but the main purpose i find is to charge inot enemy archers when there main forces are fighting my line up or soldiers (similar to that as above)

When moving troops in close areas with lots of woods, i have a slow advance, with two legionnnare units in turtle formation moving ahead of the archers who back them up, then in the rear one more leigonnare unit in normal formation behind archers-enemey ambushes rarely inflict any damage that way

I find using this strategy that its always the archers that rack up the most kills with very, very few losses, dunno how well that sorta strategy would play out on human opponents in multiplayer though!


30th Mar 2003, 01:49
Well when moving you shouldn't worry about ambushes as you should properly scout out the area you are moving and carefully plan for everything.

And the best way to engage enemies are spearmen in front in stationary position with archers behind them and legionaries mixed in with the archers, the archers also in stationary, with cavalry off to the side to flank the enemy during a fight and take out their archers so you don't lose too many spearmen. Most of the time, if you guage it right so you are always defending, your spearmen will rack up tons of kills as they kill just about anything that attacks them when they are in stationary mode.

The legionaries just aren't as tough as you get used to in the demo, if I remember correctly.

30th Mar 2003, 13:47
ok so spear men at front who go into stationary when attacked, then archers in stationary mode behind- you say have the legionnares mixxed in with archers or should they be slightly behind the archers so that they have the archers backs covered?
and also can charge into wahtever is attakcing the spearmen.


30th Mar 2003, 18:12
Yeah basically, I have the archers right behind the spearmen in stationary to lure enemies onto my troops, and the legionaries to sweep onto the attacking forces (though they don't necessarily need to, the spearmen should handle em) and to protect the flank should it be threatened.....and don't forget a good ballista on the right or left to cut through the troops.

1st Apr 2003, 14:58
thanks for the advice ill remember to stick to that sort of formation, the enemy dont stand a chance!


1st Apr 2003, 15:02
Yah... ive seen someone do this tactic you discussing
with awesome accuracy.lemme tell:
I was preparing an open battle( head on,no forest tricks).
It was a roman vs roman.
i had my legionaires lined up with archers in the back,must have had the same number of troops my enemy had.
Now he came walking slowly towards me so i did the same.
Then at the last moment he rushed out two sets spearmen he had hidden in his legion troops.He then advanced his legionaires,
let them throw their pilums AND retreating them immediatly letting the next set legionaires advance and do the same.
He had archers as backup(figures).
Now i hear ya all think:tell us something new rogue,but there is just a little diffrence with the way my enemy performed this action.It seemed to me he had all his commands in que.
Awesome to see how his army came in like a set of 3 waves
succeeding eachother,never seen that before...awesome...its not a shame to loose from someone like that.Anyway if you use spearmen at the last moment to counter mass attack they can be
very...very deadly indeed.

1st Apr 2003, 22:43
ohh my. people plays this game so good. i just wanted to know how to chat in multiplayer game....i felt like biggest newbie when i launched mp.
anyway why i cant promote troops? the icon is deselected?
from what this promotion depends.
and also when troops in battle i can retreat..i am clicking to retreat and they still fighting :confused:

2nd Apr 2003, 02:32
Once theyre engaged, theyre in the fight until either the troops die or your opponents troops die.

I've heard of a tactic of throwing a centurion in there and supposedly they allow the troops to retreat, havent tried it yet...

2nd Apr 2003, 05:28
Originally posted by David
ohh my. people plays this game so good. i just wanted to know how to chat in multiplayer game....i felt like biggest newbie when i launched mp.
anyway why i cant promote troops? the icon is deselected?
from what this promotion depends.

to chat press enter (then you can type a message to your allie) or shift + enter to speak to everyone.

The promotion depends on the number of troops you have (I think) with the Unit Control Points.

2nd Apr 2003, 07:21
ohh,i see.cuz sometimes i have used all unit control points (it was 471/500) and i couldnt do anything. then i lost couple batalions of legionaries and i stil couldnt promote anyone.

btw i forgot,how many levels praetorians consist of?

2nd Apr 2003, 10:59
24 levels but I meant Troop Control Points. UCP is how much soldiers you can make. And TCP has something to do with promoting.

4th Apr 2003, 01:31
You can only have a General (Centurion, Cheiftan, or Official) for every 100 UCP you have. That is, if you have 99 men, you cant promote someone, and then once you hit 100 you can, and then 200, and so on.

(This coming from the manual, it was a bit dusty but I thought I'd go ahead and pick it up for once)

7th Apr 2003, 16:44
ok...thanks guys.now i got image pretty well!

one more question....how to assign troops for that numbers in top let corner?

13th Apr 2003, 04:03
thanks. got one more.
what is the advantage of having more experiance for your leader( centurion?)?

13th Apr 2003, 06:19

Centurions get a 10% defensive bonus at lvl 0, then a 15%, so on to 30% at lvl 4, with a 10% offensive bonus.

Chieftans get the same kind of bonus only reversed, they get 10% for offense at lvl 0, 15%, and so on to 30% at lvl 4, with a 10% defensive bonus.

Officials are just balanced, when they are lvl 4 they have a 20% bonus for both offense and defense.

More details on the foldout.