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28th Mar 2003, 17:34

Im wondering if anybody here knows what does that score that shows at the end of every match means , im asking because many times it happenned that i lost and had a bigger score than my opponent.


28th Mar 2003, 22:05
Your rate of kills/loses affect the calculation at most
I am not sure whether your survival time and your condition after the game (victorious or failure) affect it

29th Mar 2003, 00:58
I wonder exactly what it is for though, especcially after a MP game...
Do those things count at all?

1st Apr 2003, 19:14
Your score is obviously reflected by Kills/deaths/villages/etc (all the other variables that come before score), similarly to Starcraft. Ironically, though this game is much more realistic, scores definitely DO NOT reflect your success in the game. They should bring back a razen variable (that was in warcraft 2), that gives you points for burning villages/towers. In 95% of my games, I have a lower score when I am victorious, and a higher score, when I lose. That's simply because there's much more to this game than simply killing troops. ;p