View Full Version : You have 16m and Thief2 requires 35m

28th Mar 2003, 15:32
What the h3ll does that mean? I have a 100gb hard drive.
I click on dromed and it says I don't have enough space?

28th Mar 2003, 16:05
I found the answer at TTLG, add 40mb of data to hard disk and that fixes it.

28th Mar 2003, 18:42
Chief, how do you do that? My parents computer will give that error and I usually have to empty the trash and temp internet files, then reboot.

28th Mar 2003, 19:43
I just added files that totaled more than 40mb into the folder that contains T2 and it worked. Do a search at TTLG on WinXP Thief FAQ's

29th Mar 2003, 02:28
Thief sometimes happens to notice certain storage amounts on the hard drive at certain levels, such as each 2 gigs or something, and thinks the hard drive is almost full, when really you're just close to the next 2 gig mark (or whatever).

All you have to do is EITHER free up some space to back off that particular 2 gig mark OR add more files or something to the hard drive to go PAST that particular 2 gig mark.