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28th Mar 2003, 10:01
Just restarted yesterday for fun the campaign in difficult mode as I'm some kind of vetera

28th Mar 2003, 10:14
oups! second edition :

Just restarted the campaign in difficult mode as i'm some kind of "veteran" now. I noticed (or am I dreaming?) some changes (crossing the river Arrar):

- better shock effect for cavalry against infantry;
- attacking from behind an enemy already locked in combat causes its - even more - rapid desintegration;

Anyone with the same feeling ?

29th Mar 2003, 20:17
I played crossing the river arar on normal difficulty and its defenitely a step up from easy.

The AI was emplyoing better tactics such as flanking my archers by moving thorugh woods, but the blatant change was that i had less troops starting and there seemed to be more enemy troops.

Just before taking the final town on crossing the arar i swear pikemen were much more effective against calvary, i lost two noble men and one equity to 2 pikes.

Also i thought arrows from enemy archers/mounted archers inflicted a little more damage upon legionnares when in the turtle formation

I attakced nemy archers from behind but i didnt see much of a difference


1st Apr 2003, 15:12
Im now in level 3 (of all gallic tribes) playing all the levels
on easy/normal and hard.I noticed on hard enemy plays a lot smarter then on normal.If they dont have enough strenght..they wont attack but wait for reinforcements.
Enemy villages will produce lots more troops on hard also.
LMAO i was playing level XIII (fear the eagles) in brittania
and thought it was on easy (i first play easy to scout around).
After 4 hours i finally won just to see i played that level on hard muha.