View Full Version : How does it compare to Myth:TFL and Myth II?

27th Mar 2003, 19:44
So my favorite game series has to be the Myth franchise from Bungie. It was all about tactics, with a small number of units that were manageable. Battles were often fairly short with no resource management. Players started with a fixed number of points that you could spend on whatever units you wanted, based on your style of play. Players could team up and there were a number of different multi-player game objectives (CTF, king of the kill, capture the ball, territories, etc.)

I loved that game and played it for years. How does this compare? Any Myth fans out there?



28th Mar 2003, 03:30
They're alot alike eachother in that they're both straight combat games where tactics are everything.

However Myth emphasized formations right? (I'm not too sure, been awhile since I played) But they both emphasize the high ground and such,

And Are both great games