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27th Mar 2003, 18:03
I want to add a bonus objective to my FM.

1) I have placed a QVar trap in the level.

2) Added "StdButton" to a book.

3) Linked the book to the QVar.

Question #

1) Highlight the QVar, Add>Trap>QVar. What do I put in the box?
The bonus objective will be an object.

2) Do I need to type something in the "Mission Quest Data?"

I want the objective to be hidden untill the book is frobbed

27th Mar 2003, 18:31

=1 means complete
5 is goal # 5

This will make goal five visible when the book is read. I've found its a good idea to put a marker with <b>TrapTimedRealy</b> in between the book and the Qvar. Add scripts>Timing>800 so Thief will wait 8/10ths of a second before showing "New Objectives" so the player has time to close the book before it chimes, not neccessary but a nice touch.

You can have goal five set as a find object type and the object's number , also have it set to visible_0 at the start of the game.

put (bonus) in the text too so players will know they don't HAVE to get it.

27th Mar 2003, 18:34
You the Man Schwaa! You are high on my thank you list already.

27th Mar 2003, 18:59
Dont stop there Schwaa, I need more help! How would I add it here?
I would suppose it would be goal#7 ?

27th Mar 2003, 22:38

Lets see:

goal_state_7, 0
goal_visible_7, 0
goal_type_7, ? --I think a 'steal obj' is 3.
goal_target_7, # of object
goal_bonus_7, 1 (I think I used 1)

so the Qvar would only make it visible. Getting the object would make it complete.

28th Mar 2003, 19:46
Schwaa, I use TOW. Do I select "optional or Bonus" objective?
"Hiden or visible?"
I want the Objective to show up only when a book is frobbed but I don't want the player to HAVE to do it, only if they want to.

29th Mar 2003, 02:26
In TOW you choose <b>Invisible</b> so at the start it won't be seen. The book will trigger the qvar which will make it visible at that time.

You can choose either Optional or Bonus, to tell you the truth I don't know the difference. I have used them both and they both seem to work the same. The goal does not have to be completed either way, just make sure you type optinal or bonus in the goals so players will know.

Keep in mind that invisible objectives never have to be completed to end the game. Until they become visible that is. So if you have a goal that HAS to be completed and is invisible you have to force it on the player.
Example: In Left 4 Dead I made a kill so and so objective. First you have to find out who it is so I put 3 books to trigger the QVAR and placed one right at a bottle neck on the way to the target AI. It doesn't garantee that the player will read the book, but it deffinately ups the chances.

29th Mar 2003, 04:59
Thanks Schwaa, that fixed it! :)

3rd Apr 2003, 12:13
Am I right in assuming this can be used to trigger multiple objectives becoming visible?

3rd Apr 2003, 19:24
yep, or you make make several objects trigger one objective.

You have to use require ALL, or require ANY traps to do some of this.

exp, in Left 4 Daed I really wanted one objective to become visible. At first I had one book that could be missed and mess up the mission, didn't realize it until the Beta Testers messed it up :)

So I made two more books and placed them at key locations, one at a bottle neck on the way to the objective.

So visible obj 1 was find who killed you. This becomes complete when you read any of the 3 books, but first the new objective appears so Dromed won't end the game.

(Only visible objectives count, and if the last one becomes complete, then more are added the game will end but it will show new objectives with a blank square)

So the books are CD linked to a Require ANY Trap.

The require ANY trap is linked to a Marker.

the marker has props-s-script-<b>TrapTimedRelay</b>
(this gives a slight pause so the new objectives text and chime happens after the book is closed. Books work fine, scrolls trigger before they open)

The marker is CD linked to Qvar #1 (props-Trap-Qvar <b>=1:goal_visible_1</b>

then the marker is linked to QVAR #2

This makes goal 1 'kill so and so' visible, then goal 0 'find who killed you' complete.

If you use a require all, then all items linked to the Require ALL Trap have to be frobbed before the goal is complete. (be sure to add StdButton script to the items in question).
Or if you want multiple objectives to become visible, just link the book to each QVAR. One Qvar per objective.

and you'll have three new objectives after eading the book :)