View Full Version : Allied Village - Land Lost in the Mist

27th Mar 2003, 16:20
Here is a tip on using the allied village in Land Lost in the Mist (mission 10?).

As soon as I had helped defend it, I had my aux repair the village and a centurion enter it. I was able to produce bona fide Roman troops as a result. Others have reported not being able to recruit or only getting barbarian troops. I think the key is getting a centurion (or other officer) into the village once it is repaired.

I was only able to produce new troops until the village size got down to about 270, so there is a bottom limit. But it will keep producing once you start losing troops. Which you will. :eek:

Mark OHearn
27th Mar 2003, 16:53
I was able to recruit a lot of troops, during which time I was attacked by their calvary two or three times. I went back to recruiting from this village later in the game when preparing for the seige.

27th Mar 2003, 17:27
Good point! It is important to remember to defend it. I stuck archers in one tower and slingers in the other and that seemed to do the trick, though a local legion - or cavalry - wouldn't hurt. I think I might have temporarily lost one of the original towers, but my archers survived and I got an aux to build a new one. After that it was fine.