View Full Version : Help wanted on "Just one... more... fight."

27th Mar 2003, 14:28
I am stuck on the final mission (or so the campaign-name makes it sound). I tried all 3 tents, but after destroying 1, my troops are so low that I have no power left to attack other tribes. Any suggestions how to handle this level ??

28th Mar 2003, 00:43
Alea jacta est,
Ave Caesar morituri te salutant,
Acta est fabula.

The final countdown,
Caesar, those who die greet you,
The game is over.[B]

28th Mar 2003, 00:46

We can all sleep tight now. Pax Romana has been established. To bad 2 freaks try the same thing in later time, but at least Roman civilisation has spread from Europe to the rest of the world.... finally.......

28th Mar 2003, 01:08
Here is how I did it.

You have to to destoy 3 commander tents to get that tribe your on your side. In the middle is an elevated area that is important. At first it is defended by some troops you must take out. From there sneek out some archers to set the middle tent on fire. Keep you legionares handy to kill off aiding troops. Get the Nubian commander quickly out to the forrest SW from the tent along with the troops. The Nubian Commander has to meet the Nubian Archers in the forrest N, and those must be send to the wheatfield opposing the forrest, but keep them as far away as you can. Let them attack the second tent till it's on fire. Get all the troops back to the high ground you started from, and save the Commander. Move all your troops to the high gound right to the third camp, and all archers fire upon the 3rd tent. But remember, let them be defensive, extra troops will join if you do. Move the last commander and the newwly joining troops to the highgound you are in, and collect all the troops in the area with the right commander. Now you can cross the bridge and go left to the camp to recrute more troops...

Timing is all. You need to run often but it can be done !!