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27th Mar 2003, 01:31
Hey guys, just wanted to tell you all that my 6th TR story is now out...enjoy!


Blind Intentions
4th Apr 2003, 03:12
Great story, as usual :) I thought the old lady was pretty funny :D

4th Apr 2003, 11:04

4th Apr 2003, 18:12
:) Yes, she was a strange one hehe How'd you find the language?

4th Apr 2003, 20:50
Excellent, witty and highly inventive Katie.http://forums.eidosgames.com/images/icons/icon14.gif
I'd suggest you sort out any spelling mistakes and send them right off to Core Design, I think if you could get someone to create some illustrations for each of your stories, they might be good enough for publishing IMO ;) well done. If not, keep em coming. :)

4th Apr 2003, 22:25
Hi dhama,
Thanks for your comments :) I send all my stories to Core Design and they have read all of them except for my last one. Speaking of illustrations, if you check out my site you will see that I have had an ad up for artists for a little while. I plan on putting all my stories in Adobe Writer with corresponding pictures along with the story.
So far I have 2 people for The Evil House, and 1 for my story that is currently in the works (#7!)
So if you are interested, check it out! Thanks again for your wonderful comments.
I don't know about publishing, but for now having them up on the net is good for me :) :)

8th Apr 2003, 20:29
There's a favourite site of mine at http://www.dharmathecat.com they do a comic strip and have recently released a published version in book form, so you should really think about publishing in book form too.

BTW I don't give out compliments easily. ;)

8th Apr 2003, 21:45
Ooh, neat--I'll check that site out :) Haha, thank you thank you :)