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31st Mar 2013, 21:32
www.kh2.co.uk/kingdom-hearts-3/news/squa... (http://www.kh2.co.uk/kingdom-hearts-3/news/square-enix-announces-project.php?utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=twitterfeed)


It's April Fool's Day, so beware.

31st Mar 2013, 22:43
'Tis confirmed fake: khinsider.com/news/KINGDOM-HEARTS-III-Sn... (http://khinsider.com/news/KINGDOM-HEARTS-III-Sneak-Peak-at-GDC-2013-3263)

I dislike April Fools. I'm mean, yeah, you get some pretty funny jokes from some places, but some just prey on people who have waited for something for years and are just downright mean. :/

1st Apr 2013, 00:04
Idk I thought it was pretty funny considering it is in the title "Less Than Three" xD

5th Apr 2013, 17:33
Aww I'm so disappointed :(

5th Apr 2013, 19:24
heh, i knew that Nomura hasnt even started the project yet...lol man wish i saw this joke before now

5th Apr 2013, 22:27
Well didn't they say that they weren't working on the PS4 and look what happened :P

6th Apr 2013, 19:00
well i know their workin' on Lightning Returns......Lightning

6th Apr 2013, 19:09
XD Well yeah of course. But I'm sure KH3 has to have been talked about just a little bit :3

6th Apr 2013, 19:41
Yeah they gonna be focused on 2.5 ...... Then MAYBE once that is in production and they got the voice cast in for BbS they would go forward with the #3 script...

6th Apr 2013, 21:57
I have a more interesting one that you might drool over as an addition to your idea. What if Kairi is not really the true princess of heart? What if she is an artificial human acting as the real seventh princess's alternative host to the seventh light in her heart? Have you ever wonder who or what Kairi really is?

Listen to this because this is my idea for the 3rd installation of Kingdom Hearts three. Although my idea's incomplete, I will give you a sample of what's going on.

While King Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are looking for Sora and Riku after they both fell from a thin floor, Both of them stumble upon a secret laboratory now realizing that it was Xehanort's personal lab far hidden below radiant garden after they saw his name on a file document. Sora noticed a strange looking photo, Riku Grabbed it and pointed it into a light. Both Sora and Riku were utterly shocked that there are 13 children that all look just like Kairi. Much to Sora's Dismay, Both of them now realized a sinister secret that Xehanort stated it is all part of his plan. That Kairi is not born as a human, but was created artificially. Both of them wanted to tell Kairi and the others what they have seen -- However, if they do that-- they'll both feel like betraying Kairi's trust as in their promise to her of no more secrets. And yet, this is the biggest secret that Sora feel heavy in his heart -- that he would break her heart if he told her what they have seen in that laboratory.

Quite dramatic, isn't it?

7th Apr 2013, 22:31
I hope Kairi isn't really a princess of heart, I hate her so much. I like your idea a lot, it would be super interesting to see how that would play out, even though there really isn't anything pointing in that direction. I think they might need to delve further into Kairi's status as a Princess though. If she's the princess, wouldn't that make Ansem the Wise, the king, her father?

8th Apr 2013, 00:06
I don't think Kairi is a princess in the sense of royalty (like Jasmine), just one of the seven princesses of heart (like Alice).

For one, I'd think Ansem the Wise would recognize his own daughter (as a gaming series, the character designs are pretty distinctive, so I can't really accept that he wouldn't know it was her; plus, the name, Kairi, lol).

And for another, why does Kairi get more family members getting face time if no one else in the series did? She had a grandmother-isn't that enough? xD

I belive it's just more of an issue of retconning as the story and characters changed and developed over the years. Maybe she was a royal princess in KH1, but that no longer matters as she's more known for being a princess of heart and possibly one of the 7 keyblade wielders of light (or however that works out; gotta watch the scenes again...).

Whatever royal monarchy that existed on Radiant Garden is no longer in effect, so it's not like if Kairi was a royal princess she's suddenly going to return and take charge after all the hard work Leon and co did for their world while she was MIA.

8th Apr 2013, 12:32
You never know what could happen, Ansem was focusing all his attention on his revenge at that point, he could have just ignored his daughter, or more likely forgotten her, seeing as he stated that he had lost all of his memory on more than one occassion during his scene with Aqua in Blank Points. I just want Kairi to actually have something to do. She really doesn't feel very important anymore and being the daughter of the King would certainly give her a purpose. Since child Kairi has never been shown in Radiant Garden anywhere that wasn't the castle grounds, (The scene where Kairi's heart remembers her grandmother's story from within Sora in Kingdom Hearts 1 took place in the Castle Library, and it seemed like they were right at home there. And the scene where she met Aqua happened right outside the front door), it seems to me that Square is trying to build a connection with Kairi and the castle. And also, where does Ienzo fall? Wasn't he holding Ansem the Wise's hand during Blank Points? That scene seemed very father-son to me. Seeing as Ienzo was one of the Organization members to wake up in Radiant Garden with Axel, it seems like he's been given a chance for a new role.

8th Apr 2013, 15:41
Good joke SE! I have been waiting for KH3 for a long time. Guess we all get to wait some more.