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26th Mar 2003, 12:47
Hi guys,

I was playing around with DromEd, and I created a little room with some objects, torches, tables, beds and a few more things. I also created a starting point as described in the tutorial, and I linked to that marker the sword and the blackjack. However, I cannot use them. I can select them, I see them at the left, as if they were ready to use, but then I click the attack button and nothing happens. I have just followed the tutorial, but the sword does not seem to work. Is it any property or something? Also, I cannot use flashbombs, they are seen in the inventory, and I can throw them, but they just fall down, as if they were junk, instead of items. Any answers?

Thanks in advance

26th Mar 2003, 16:25
Load up your scripts:

script_load convict (T1,TG,T2)
script_load gen (T2 only)

27th Mar 2003, 19:56
Thanks Shwaa2.

Sorry guys for the stupid question, but I am new to dromed.