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The Force
26th Mar 2003, 12:01
Bought Praetorians and Warrior Kings Battles on Friday on the way home from work. Spent Friday night playing Praetorians and Saturday playing Warrior Kings (had a mate round on Saturday who already had been playing Praetorians, so he wanted to see what it was like as we both liked the original Warrior Kings).

Well the result was that Sunday he brought his PC round so we could play Battles multiplayer, tell you what it does not disappoint. 12 hours non-stop we played on Sunday, it has great multiplayer modes.

Now I like Praetorians, but it does not appear to have the same depth as Battles, may be I’m not playing it right, but the Formations in Praetorians are just a little stiff. Also Praetorians is a little shallow, it is just a little boring as it get repetitive. Also, the AI is a little dumb, it does the same this every time, looks a lot scripted. In Battles the AI appears to be able to adopt its tactics depending on what you are doing so it gives you a far better game as you do not know what to expect.

Anyone else playing both? What am I missing with Praetorians?

Mark OHearn
26th Mar 2003, 13:42
I had to go look at their Website to see what this game is all about (I hadn't heard about it before - is it being released in Canada?).

Anyway, any RTS fan realizes that Praetorians isn't as deep as certain other games, like Age of Empires series and alike. It doesn't have resource gathering, upgrades, settlement fortification, ships, and air units (like in the Warcraft series).

However, as one who only likes playing more realistic RTS games (i.e., more historically accurate games) like AOE, Praetorians is right up my alley. It's lack of mythology is very welcomed. I want archers to be archers, not having mythology creatures dominant the game like in AOM. And I especially like the Roman period.

After having played AOE series for a while, I find Praetorians refreshing, including it's focus on strategy and lack of the other mentioned elements. It truly allows the player to concentrate on the battles, allowing for an enjoyable experience within 20-30 minutes of multi-player fun.

Like some others, I wish we could play each race in the Single Player mode, but not immensely important to me. And I wish that troops could be pulled from a battle scene in order to regroup. But I appreciate the reality that the gameplay is attempting to emulate.

I really enjoy the use of the terrain, and find the graphics very good. You must be a much better RTS player, because I find the AI very good above Easy level.

In the future, I will most likely be enjoying Rise of Nations, which will be a more "robust" gaming experience (similar to AOE series), but Praetorians will still provide a less complicated gameplay that I am sure to return to for the forseeable future.

26th Mar 2003, 16:05
i never really got into warrior kings, i didnt find it much different from other RTS, btw is battles the sequel to the origional warrior kings or an addon?

anway i played the demo of praetorians and the AI i thought was great, one of the better AI's in the RTS genre, its certainly better than cossacks and american conquest, theyre the AI just sends either a constant stream of units towards you or a group of them, bit of a shame because they walk into bullets...

i say praetorians has good AI because ive played many RTS before and rarely loose but in praetorians i found that the AI can adapt to my strategies, for example in the demo level 'crossing the arar' i rushed my legions/nobles/gladiators/praetorians and the AI sent there archers into the woods and hills to counter this (obviously coulda knew that they wouldnt win with there infantries and warriors)

-should be getting a new PC and praetorians soon-sweet

The Force
26th Mar 2003, 16:20
Hi Mark, Actually, I agree with you. It was not right to compare the two as they are different games. I think that when I look at an RTS I think of strategy, rather than tactics. So, on that basis I prefer games like Warrior Kings that have an economy etc plus deeper strategy and gameplay. My point about the AI in Praetorians is that yes it works very well but its responses are repeatable, so to win all you have to do is keep playing the same level over and over again until you know what the AI will do. In the Warrior Kings Battles Campaign and skirmish games I have played so far the AI is not at all predictable. So in praetorians, you get to know on each level where you should place your archers and catapults etc to win. Now with Battles the AI appears to react differently each time so you can not successfully repeat the same tactics when you replay a level. To me this is more interesting.

Sorry, no idea about Canada, but I did down load the Battles demo from; http://www.pcgameworld.com/details.php/id/3896/