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31st Mar 2013, 16:00
Has anybody else noticed the discrepancies with the timeline in regards to Olympus Colosseum? In Kingdom Hearts 1, Sora wins the Phil, Pegasus, Hercules, and Hades cup and wins a small trophy, plaque, big gold trophy, and big blue trophy respectively. However, in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, if Roxas examines the small trophy and the plaque, it says the plaque is for the Phil Cup while the small trophy is for the Pegasus Cup, but the opposite is true. In addition, when Roxas looks at the rankings for the Hercules Cup, it says Hercules is the champion, even though it says Sora is the champion of the rest. And even stranger that that, all four of those trophies are present in the Birth by Sleep version of that world, which happened 11 years prior to Sora winning those trophies. Oh the tiny little things that can upset me...

31st Mar 2013, 16:33
While the misnaming of the cup trophies is a little off, none of that other stuff really is. I mean, when you visit the Coliseum as Roxas it's (I believe) several months after the start of the game/ending section of the first Kingdom Hearts. Since the first game set apparently spans approximately a year and the Coliseum is early on in Sora's journey, there's plenty of time for Hercules to have gone back and won at least one of the trophies. Also, it could also be that Hercules has an obligation to fight in at least one tourney every so often; Both in the games and in the original movie, Hercules is painted as having an athlete-like career type and could technically be under some kind of contract. I think something to that effect was mentioned in the second game, when Hades pevented Hercules from coming to help Sora/Meg by throwing more challengers at him.

As for Birth By Sleep, that's pretty simple too and has a few explanations. First, the Coliseum is host to heroes and gods in a seemingly ageless and eternal struggle. Except for adding new challenges, the old ones probably don't change too much or too often. In Kingdom Hearts II, Hades opens up a whole new set of his own tourneys in the Underworld that are completely separate from the Coliseum's challenges. Since you already won the Coliseum cups in the first game, there's no gameplay reason to leave them open in the second game with the Underworld challenges added.

7th Apr 2013, 22:27
Just as an update, Kingdom Hearts 2 also names the Phil Cup trophy and Pegasus Cup plaque incorrectly.