View Full Version : TR2 on ET tonight!!!!!

25th Mar 2003, 22:11
Tonight on the 25 of march there is supposed to be an article on the movie with an early release of the trailer!!! I got this info from http://www.darkhorizons.com/news.htm and they are usually 90% right. I really hope it is true.

25th Mar 2003, 22:13
It is also on comingsoon.net.
It said they may show clips from the trailer or the whole trailer itself, although I think it may just be clips.

26th Mar 2003, 01:11
I think it was a preview for tomorrow night's edition. I was watching ET, and they briefly mentioned Cradle of Life, but nothing more. Best bet is to watch tomorrow night. :)

26th Mar 2003, 01:11
hey thanks i was about post it .but hope you guys watch
et tonight on march the 26 they are post show some scene
from tomb raider2 movie wednesday

26th Mar 2003, 01:18
Oh well they did not show it today, but I cant wait for tommorow!
When they were talking about things coming on tommorow they showed a scene of Angie on a horse in an forest it looked very interesting.

26th Mar 2003, 21:02
Yes, very interesting.

If you go here

and click the Video link on the left gray column, you can view it. It is at the very end, so wait for it. ;)