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Mark OHearn
25th Mar 2003, 17:15
I purchased Praetorians a couple of weeks ago, and Prima's Strategy Guide last week. I'm about half-way through the Single Player Game, but I really enjoy the Skirkmish mode and online gaming.

Being (I think) part of the "older group" of mid-thirty somethings, tell us - you teens - why an old guy like me usually gets whooped so badly online (lost 3-4 games, won 2 - on teams though).

I have read good threads on keeping a General(s) with troops, trying to occupy as many villages early on, and the booklet and Strategy Guide, but is there some words of wisdom you would like to share (or do you want to keep it to yourself so that you can continue beating us old farts?)

With regards to online gaming, it seems to an English-speaking Canadian that this game is really popular in Europe. I regret last night letting my teamate down when he called for help because he spoke (wrote) a different language (German or Spanish or Italian - can't remember). This is a real problem in team play, as you cannot coordinate attacks. Best to try to join games native to one's own language.

Anyway, still learning and looking for some helpful gameplay tibits.

25th Mar 2003, 20:06
Man i got beat up 10 times before i won one multiplayer.
Im pretty new at it myself but here are some (meager) tips.

Forget the way you play in the single player campaigns.
Most of the time the people you team with dont really play as
a team while your enemies do. (murphies law).
This is cuz either your allies want to build up defense first or dont
even care to help you out (or cant).
You just have to be REAL quick with EVERYTHING.
Build your ass off,try to take many villages at start or start burning them.Remember you can make more centurions once your army starts growing.
Only now i start to learn that scouts are VERY usefull in
I try to build an army real quick and then go all out leaving
only one set behind for little defense.If only your teammates build as quick and join you.Imagine 1500 troops
going clock or anti clockwise on the map...its all over then.:D
Theres just no way you can defend yourself alone against 2 or more enemies!
Get your teammate(s) to attack at the same time either with you or flanking you.
Multiplayers requires a whole other set of tactics.
I get pissed when you play a 3 vs 3 and the guy who sits safe in the middle doesnt come out to help the sides :(
Guess playing a lot of multiplayer games works well too. :D

And im from europe too (amsterdamned) but can easely speak/write english,
i just dont get people makin gamerooms with"speak my language or get kicked"...cant we all just get along? heh

25th Mar 2003, 22:22
One thing I've noticed is to keep pressing the attack. Expand and fast, and keep building units, but don't sit still. Just keep moving, attacking. Don't settle on 3 villages and then decide to build up, because the enemy is building up more on the villages you decided not to capture (This is if youre in an 8 player map i mean). Basically the more you attack and the more you push your opponent back, the more difficult it is for them.

It's very surprising how that strategy works.....I've seen games where me and my teammate, with forces that I thought were outnumbered, swept through the towns (because we were gaining new towns and the enemy losing them, thus increasing our numbers)

Just don't sit still and 'build up', or you'll get crushed.

Also, don't avoid contact with your opponents. The more you fight them (and hopefully the more casualties you inflict) and the more you move on, the harder it gets for them
Plus, more honor points, which means better units like Praetorians or German Cavalry