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23rd Mar 2003, 07:45
Any strategies for mission 11?

I tried getting the village you start near to put out legions and archers etc, it didn't work. Then I tried going east from the village to get to the other villages where the rescuees are, and then going south to the same place. Nothing worked, there are too many troops. I tried leaving rearguards and so on, sacrificing aux infantry and legions etc to be able to keep on moving but got that didn't work either. Some of the missions seem downright easy but then you get stumped on the next. I know there's a ridiculously easy solution out there, so please let me know.

Alan M. Donovan_4040
30th Mar 2003, 10:37
I am stuck also. Surely there are some strategists out there who can give us some advice...lol

Thanks very much......:confused:

30th Mar 2003, 12:50
Gotta love coincidences: I was just about to bump this thread and ask for help too. I might have it under control at the moment (I've saved toward the end and haven't gone back to it yet), but I'm not sure.

At the moment I have 3 squads of Praetorians who are in bad shape and about 5 squads of archers, and I'm hidden in trees behind the catapults.

To get to this point, I did this: As soon as the mission starts, I put a Centurion into the first base and had time to churn out a couple of squads of archers. I put the other archers into the towers for the moment. When the call came to retreat, I gathered everyone up immediately and ran to the east, taking a direct route to the second base. Luckily I wasn't pursued too closely because the enemy was intent on burning down my town. Once at the next town, I gathered everyone up again and headed south to the last base. I took out the catapults above the town quickly, then took a breather while killing off any pursuers.

I got everyone organised into groups, then headed for the boats. By this stage I had a lot of archers, some Praetorians, and some legions. Luckily everyone left could travel through forests, so I went from tree to tree trying to avoid the Parthian cavalry. I still lost a lot of troops by the time I reached the boat, with mainly archers and Praetorians left. At this point you have to take out the catapults to the west, so I set out parallel to the river and up to the shallow crossing (leave your hero hidden in the trees near the boat ;)). I was ambushed several times in the grass, and lost more troops. By the time I reached the other side of the river, I was reduced to the 3 Praetorians and 5 archers I mentioned earlier. And that's where I am now. The troops on that side of the river don't look very powerful, so hopefully I'll be alright and can set the catapults on fire from the trees.

Anyway, my general tips: Don't hang around at the first two bases. Use the double-click to select everyone on screen and get out quick. Re-gather at the third base if you need to.

Take good care of your Praetorians, since they're your most precious resource toward the end of the mission. Don't worry about protecting your legions, because they're useless at the end (they can't cross the river), so feel free to sacrifice them.

Keep your archers in the trees to take out the Parthian cavalry, and protect them with legions. Don't let your troops chase the Parthians, because they'll get stuck full of arrows.

I just hope there aren't any more surprises in this mission. :D

Alan M. Donovan_4040
30th Mar 2003, 19:15
TVM...this looks like some good advice...I'm off now to give it a bash!

Mark OHearn
2nd Apr 2003, 13:53
I finished this one last night on Normal setting. I selected all my troops and ran to the second village to the right. You're receive instructions to go to the next village. Then I immediately ran to the next village.

Once there, build up a minimal defence (maybe put some archers in towers - there's already one there to use), put a generic general in village, and build a force that can cross the water and go in the trees - aux, archers, some calvary and spearman - although they won't be able to go through forests).

Set your rally point to the boat dock, and run all your troops to the boat, keeping them (most of them anyway) along the southern edge of the map.

Once there, keep your special generals at the boat dock with some protection (important), and run the rest of the troop towards the seiges (4-5) over on an island at the bottom center of the map.

Destroy the first seige as you cross the water, then run towards the other seiges to the right (you'll have to go around - cliff). You can take out their horse units by staying in the forest, since they can't engage your aux. and archers there. Once the seiges are all destroyed you win. Two special units die during this scenario, nothing you can do to stop this.

P.S. I was really disappointed with the voice talents used in this one - they were surprising poor and lack any real emotion. Hopefully, this will be an isolated occurance.

Good Luck!

2nd Apr 2003, 14:02
I pressed the wrong button

7th May 2003, 15:42
Good advice, all around. It’s a really cool mission. There’s definitely this feeling of “march or die.”

My opinion on surviving the Parthians (on difficulty hard):


·Leave the first village immediately. Head southeast in a backward L-shape and make for the second village.

·Leave the second village (Crassus) on arrival. Head east to the last remaining Roman village.

·Last village: recruit physician, wolfscout. Head for boats.

·(If you recruit at any village, use new troops to distract enemy, keep your main force moving. The physicians will keep your health high.)

·At the boats, leave enough troops to protect Crassus.

·Keep moving – the Praetorians and archers are most important now because you’ll need them to cross the river and destroy the enemy siege units. Stick to the forests and you’ll be setting enemy cats on flame before they know what’s what.

There are a lot of details I’ve let out because they obscure the point: which is to keep moving.

I finished the mission with 2 near-full strength legions, 1 auxiliary troop (8 men) and an archer troop near Crassus , and 3 full-strength Praetorians with 3 somewhat battered (about 15 men each) archers. The physicians I recruited really enabled me to keep these survivors in fighting form and made the difference when the Parthians tried to swarm the boats.

I have the feeling (after playing this mission two or three times in a conventional manner - you know, recruiting troops, building towers, etc. ) that the longer you delay the more Parthians you have to deal with. And at the hard level, they're everywhere!!!