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22nd Mar 2003, 06:04
:confused: the entire night tonight, I have some questions about Final Fantasy VII for PC

first of all:

Pentium III 1.02Ghz
Windows XP Professional SP1
128 MB Radeon 9000 PRO Video Card

and here are my many problems!

I installed Final Fantasy VII tonight, and that seemed to be the only thing that worked.

I installed the 1.04 patch, because it said it was for Windows XP, and it still would say "Insert CD1, 2, 3, and click OK" I already had in CD 1 so I clicked okay, and nothing would happen... That's one of the problems. Second off, Eidos has so many tiny patches out there so for little problems with the game, who the hell knows what I am supposed to install, but when I finally got it to work (I had to resort to cracking the game under re-installed version 1.0 to at least get the game to start loading) it would just go to a black screen....

Basically my problem is CD Recognition, it's not recognizing the CD I have put in my DVD-ROM drive, even though it's the real FF7 Disc 1, can someone help me out??

It could really help, and would be much appreciated

22nd Mar 2003, 17:54
First of all, I would uninstall the crack. FF7 is very buggy to begin with, and it's a pain to get working under Win2k/XP

Just completely uninstall FF7, and then reinstall it.

To sort out the problem with your discs, I guess it would be safe to guess you have FF7 Platinum? The thing with that is, the Install disc was labled disc 1, Game Disc 1 is Disc 2, and so forth. So when it asks for 'Disc 1, 2, or 3', it really means 'Disc 2, 3, or 4'. That should get that running for you.

Once you get FF7 reinstalled, before you install any patches, check to make sure everything's working. (Put disc 2 in the drive, try to run it.) You probably won't see the opening movies (we'll fix that problem a bit later), just hit 'enter' on the keypad a few times to bring you to the New game/Continue screen. Once you get that far, quit the game by hitting 'ALT+F4'

You'll then need to download this patch (http://ftp.eidos.com/pub/patches/final_fantasy7/ff7betap1.exe), which will fix the movies, and this patch (http://www.qhimm.com/ff7_chocobo_patch.zip) which will fix a crash experienced later on in the game under Windows 2000 or XP.

Once you apply both of those, the game should run fine in Software Rendering mode. From what I've heard, there is currently no official way to get the game running in Direct 3D on the Radeon because of the whole 8-bit texture problem . . . this may have been fixed on the newest Catalyst drivers. If your card passes the '8-bit palletized textures' test, select the hardware renderer. If it passes, but still doesn't allow you to select the hardware renderer, reply to this, and I'll tell you the way around that. (It involves editing the registry, which is very dangerous if you don't follow the instructions closely.)

If the card fails the '8-bit palletized textures' test, you can try installing the TNT patch (http://ftp.eidos.com/pub/patches/final_fantasy7/riva_TNT.exe) and tell the game you have a TNT card. This may or may not work, I've heard mixed results on this. Also, I'm not sure if I'd push my luck, because I know the TNT patch causes all kinds of sporadic behavior under Windows 2000. I'm not sure if it does that on XP. I'm pretty sure I never used it when I used XP. Perhaps someone who has XP AND uses the TNT patch could help you out there . . .