View Full Version : German Cavalry better than Parthians?

21st Mar 2003, 23:10
In the fold out unit decriptor it says;

German cavalry are the best riders? true or not. Perhaps they included the Huns in the German makeup?
I would have said the Partians were better but they only seem to be archer cavalry in this game. No Kontos in sight.
Although I have not gottten far enough in the game to see these units.

I know anythin beats Roman cavalry but eastern cavalry should be better than the Germans I would expect.


22nd Mar 2003, 19:00
The parthians were the best cavalrymen. But they don't participate in the game. The egyptians have some parthian mercenaries.
So if the Parthians were a playable civ, they would be the best cavalrymen.
The germans were good horsemen! The romans used a lot of german horsemen after they conquered gaul and parts of Germania.

23rd Mar 2003, 23:18
Guess your right.