View Full Version : Germanic Cavalry - Really wears full plate Armour?

21st Mar 2003, 23:01
I was looking at the game foldout that shows all the unit class.

I noticed that the Germanic Cavalry lok like they are wearing medieval armour and full plate at that. I was especially concerned that the horse had plate barding.


Did any German cavalry have anything more than Chain Mail for them-selves and nothing for the horses?


22nd Mar 2003, 19:05
why not? The romans had plate armor too.
I think some of their warriors had plate armor and other had chain armor (what's the name in english?)
But the hardware requirements would be very high if every soldier had its own outfit.

23rd Mar 2003, 16:14
I think only the elite troops had plated armour.(allmost all troops were elite)
Plate armour is against slashing, so troops like archers would have had enough on chainmail armours which in turn is good against arrows and the like.Romans understood the importance of their mobility so they equiped their cavalery with either the plate or chainmail armour.i guess the gallics just copied this.

23rd Mar 2003, 18:36
Romans, actually were very poor Horsemen.
They relied on auxiliary cavalry, horsemen from other areas.
And the Romans weren't concerned very much for the pack of the soldiers.....
Remember Marius' Mules? (Is it Marius? Someones' mules...)
Anyways they carried incredibly heavy packs, but still marched 20+ miles a day.

23rd Mar 2003, 22:22
I have many historical books on weopons, armour and battles.

Nowhere can I find Germanic cavalry in any true Roman period having horses with barding (especially full plate barding)
Full plate barding does not seem to have been used until late medieval times.

Mostly early Germanic cavalry wore no armour, later they are recorded with chainmail - no plate is ever in sight. However it is possible that they wore captured Roman plate armour. This however would have been rare unless they were in Roman service.

As for their riding skill I think they are the best Western riders at the time, but the eastern cavalry like the Parthians and the Mongols completely outclass them.


25th Mar 2003, 20:10
Perhaps Destreax is right. They didn't have stirrups so if they fell of their horse, they would never be able to stand up again if they had plate armor.

25th Mar 2003, 22:15
Hmm yes, well there are a few things in this game that are off, like the equites and the armor on these units. But there are always things that are off, it's still a great game

10th Apr 2003, 16:03
I have to agree - I looked at the pullout and (I am not an expert, but clued up) I have to say that the Germanic Cavalry stood out as from a later period in history. They do not look correct for the time period - maybe nobles had this armour?

11th Apr 2003, 01:33
Well, Pyro had to make a unit that was total bada**

why not make them look as sick as possible?