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21st Mar 2003, 04:53
Alright. I have a couple problems running this game on Windows XP. I loved the game on the old computer, and still do! But on this one, it's having some really crappy things -_-';;

First off, I want to hardware accellerate the game. However! When I use the Nvidia patch (Since I'm using a Vanta/Vanta LT), it will hardware accell and all... but it takes like 20 minutes to load the world map O_O! Can anyone help?

Secondly, I know about the Chocobo race problem and all--- Fixed that. BUT! There's a new problem now. The snowboarding minigame at the town after the City of Ancients. It starts the music, brings up a white screen... then... ERROR! Anyone able to help here?


26th Mar 2003, 20:32
Don't know about the world map....other than having around 400megs of Virtual Ram free. That might solve the problem.

The minigame, You may have to play it in that small window mode, and in software mode.