View Full Version : cpu generation speed !!!!!! help

21st Mar 2003, 01:09
is it my imagination or does the cpu players manage to regenerate troops a hell of a lot faster than human players ? seems to be the same no matter what type of soldier iether ,roman, egyptian ,barbarian. cant beat it in skirmish mode on normal level any tips,anyone ?

21st Mar 2003, 02:26
The Egyptians are especially quick at producing units, but they are generally pretty weak. Just make sure you create some stronger troops whenever you can (when you get honour points, create some Praetorians if you're Roman, for example). They should be able to cut through the weaker troops even if they're outnumbered. Make sure you're sending the right troops into battle too: don't send pikemen to attack archers; don't send unprotected archers to attack infantry; don't send cavalry to attack pikemen, etc.