View Full Version : Sides In Base?

19th Mar 2003, 18:36
Hi Gang,
how do I alter the number of sides in a cylinder? I've tried entering the number (eg 16) in the dialogue box before and after selecting the cylinder but I always end up with an eight sided one. What have I missed?

19th Mar 2003, 22:03
you can only create up to ten sides. you can do more but it would involve using two or more cylinders.

20th Mar 2003, 02:37
If you stick with 8 sides and also select "align by sides" (instead of the default "align by vertecies" or whatever) then you will save VERY much on the poly count in that area.

20th Mar 2003, 02:45
What's the difference Komag?

20th Mar 2003, 06:40
4 of the sides are then on the grid lines - Dark Engine likes straight lines - less cells and such. And the other 4 sides are the next best thing, exact 45 degree angles. You make it 10 sided and ALL 10 SIDES are at very odd angles!

You can test it out, just make a square room in dromed and make an 8 sided "align by sides" cylander from floor to ceiling, go in game mode and note the polys, then replace it with 10 sided "align by vertecies" of same size and position and check it.