View Full Version : Multiplayer Siege Map Needed!

19th Mar 2003, 15:01
I was shocked to find there were no MP siege maps included with the game. This is a big oversight by the developers as far as I can see unless they simply couldn't balance out a siege map to be fair for more than one player. Even if that's the case I think they need to release one just for us to play around with. I don't care if I lose every time I just want to have the option of playing on a castle map.

Maybe if enough people ask they'll release one in a patch. Anyknow know how to beg in Spanish?

19th Mar 2003, 18:09
Originally posted by jdp311
Maybe if enough people ask they'll release one in a patch. Anyknow know how to beg in Spanish?

They do understand English... Maybe they will make it in the future.

20th Mar 2003, 00:01
I agree with you. I think fortress sieges would be great in skirmishes.

20th Mar 2003, 09:32
agreed , no fortress in multiplayer is a major major oversight.

Since single player only has 24 missions on one side out of three, something needs to be done to make multiplayer worth the money as this is the only thing that makes the game replayable past a week.

I don't want to pay more money for the other sides campaigns or new fortress maps either. I hope it will be in a patch. either this or the editor is released with fortresses as an option.


20th Mar 2003, 17:24
I could be wrong but I don't think it would be a hard thing for them to release a multiplayer siege map to us.

The only thing hard about it would be trying to balance it to make it fair but I don't even really care about that. Just put a bunch (3 or 4) of towns on one side and a fortress with like 1 town on the other side and let us battle. It'll be fun. If they had released a map editor I'd make it myself :D

Anyway, I hope they read these suggestions and give the people what they want.