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19th Mar 2003, 11:17
Gotta say I hope its better multiplayer than single player. Single player seems a little stunted but still vastly more fun than any of the older strategy games like C & C. There is a good deal of detail to learn how the unit relationships with kills formations go too.

Not just a case of charging and thinking OK that unit must be good he survived a long time

I really like the change in strategy.

You are not constantly building things and ultra managing and that means you can concentrate on the battles.

Shame the formations are not really possible above single unit level.


19th Mar 2003, 11:21
Oh BTW - what other countries is it available in so far?


19th Mar 2003, 11:50
Will their be more unut types? At the moment it seems most nations only have a very basic selection.

Age of Mythology had quite an interesting selection.

Certainly not more then a couple different from the demo


19th Mar 2003, 12:21
I just bought the full game today too. :cool:

You can have a little bit more control of formations by moving the mouse wheel with the right button held down. So when you select some troops, hold down the RMB, then scroll the wheel to change to formation to a line, column, box, etc. You can't change the formation of individual squads though.

19th Mar 2003, 18:04
Originally posted by Destraex
Oh BTW - what other countries is it available in so far?

Europe & America, pretty much everywhere.

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